UVA Press Website Redesign

If you are reading this post, you have arrived at the redesigned University of Virginia Press website, scheduled for its  public beta launch on 18 November 2011. It is powered by a combination of WordPress and MarkLogic Server, with book search and display fed by an automated ONIX XML workflow rather than the time consuming manual copy-and-paste process of our old site.

We are still working out some display bugs in cross-browser testing. If you notice anything that looks odd or that doesn’t seem to be working properly, please let us know at upress-web@virginia.edu.

Anyone who has done a major site redesign knows that it is a demanding and time-consuming effort. Over the past year, UVA Press staff members Shannon Shiflett, Jason Coleman, Mark Saunders, and Mary MacNeil collaborated on the design, data porting, and architecture, with Mary handling the ONIX database conversion and Shannon doing the lion’s share of the WordPress installation and MarkLogic search-and-display programming. Bill Covert of Covert Designs did most of our theming and graphic design. David Sewell worked on infrastructure setup and porting of the development environment.