Where in the world was Virginia?

One of the most popular events in the Fall Lecture Series at the Mariners’ Museum proved to be Mapping Virginia author William Wooldridge’s presentation, “Where in the World Was Virginia? Mapping a Moving Place, 1587-1865.” As Wooldridge explains, during the age of exploration the exact location of Virginia was still very much open to debate. Through a series of maps covering hundreds of years, Wooldridge showed the standing-room-only crowd  how mapmakers ever so gradually homed in on the actual size, shape, and location of the Commonwealth. The entire presentation can be viewed online.

Wooldridge fans—a growing segment of the population—will also be glad to know that the Daily Press has published an excellent profile of the author. Wooldridge not only shares his knowledge of Virginia’s cartographical heritage; he also explains how he began collecting maps, eventually building up one of the biggest private collections in the state. The article can be read here.