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50 Years On: LBJ's War on Poverty

Fifty years after Lyndon Johnson declared his War on Poverty, NPR is beginning a series on the legacy of this initiative. The first installment, which revisits the Kentucky county where the iconic front-porch photo of LBJ was taken, may be found here. Half a century later, many residents could not survive without services such as food stamps and energy assistance, which date back to LBJ's administration. Still, times remain very tough in this Appalachian community, due partly to a scaling back of the coal mining industry that was the region's lifeblood for generations.

For those wanting a closer look at this part of our history—from the project's conception to its legislation and implementation—The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson, published online under our Rotunda imprint, includes an extensive selection of behind-the-scenes conversations on the War on Poverty. Information on free-trial access to this resource may be found here.