Author Questionnaire

Author Questionnaire


Download a Word doc of this questionnaire here.


Submit this questionnaire to the acquisitions department only after your manuscript has been invited for consideration by an acquisitions editor. The questionnaire should accompany any manuscript invited for consideration.


To the Author or Volume Editor:

You will find this questionnaire a convenient means of providing the Press with basic information necessary to the proper evaluation of your manuscript. Please complete the items as fully as possible; it will speed our evaluation and enable us to report our decision in the shortest possible time. Please type if you can; otherwise, print or write clearly. Or, if you prefer to print out answers on a separate sheet, that’s fine, too. Thank you.


Note: Always be sure to retain a complete copy of your manuscript in case of loss or damage in the mail.













Department and institution mailing address (no box numbers, please):






Office phone:


Fax number:


E-mail address:


Home address:





Home phone:


Date of birth:








1. Title of manuscript:



2. What date was your manuscript completed? Has it been extensively revised since then? If so, please give the date of the last major revision.



3. Is the manuscript based on your dissertation?



4. Characteristics of the manuscript:


Total number of pages:


Words per page:


Total number of words:




Charts, tables, maps:


Proportion of notes:


Is the manuscript available on disk?



5. Has any part of the manuscript been previously published? If so, have you signed any consent to publish forms, work-for-hire agreements, or contracts? If so, please give details.









6. Has any research and/or writing of this manuscript been supported, financially or otherwise (e.g., by grant of admission to private collections or libraries) by any government agency, university, private foundation, or other such public or private institution? If so, please give details.









7. Have you registered your copyright in the manuscript with the copyright office? If so, please give the date, registration number, and title under which it was registered. In whose name is the work registered?





8. Is your manuscript presently being considered for publication by another publisher?





Please list the names of at least three senior scholars (with their affiliations and complete contact information) who have not read your manuscript but who are working in your field and are qualified to read and evaluate the manuscript for the Press. You might also want to let us know if there is anyone in particular we should not send the manuscript to.


















Please list the names and affiliations of scholars who have already read the manuscript in whole or in part and who might be willing to comment on the work for us. Please provide complete contact information.

















Competition: What are the chief books published on your subject? (Please include publisher and date of publication.) How does your manuscript differ from these works?












What are your current research interests?







Please attach a curriculum vitae.






Please attach a table of contents.






Description of the manuscript: Please describe fully the content of your manuscript, indicating its thesis, methodology, original contributions to the subject, conclusions or findings, and intended audience (specialists? a wide audience? prospects of course use?). Write at least 200–300 words, and attach a separate sheet if more space is needed. This description may be used by the staff in presenting your project to our faculty editorial board for consideration. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the description will also serve as the basis for catalog and other advertising copy.



























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