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Recent Titles

Crossing the Line
Early Creole Novels and Anglophone Caribbean Culture in the Age of Emancipation

Crossing the Line examines a group of early nineteenth-century novels by white creoles, writers whose identities and perspectives were shaped by their experiences in Britain’s Caribbean colonies. Colonial subjects residing in the West Indian colonies "beyond the line," these writers were perceived...

Ward, Candace

Mr. Jefferson's Telescope
A History of the University of Virginia in One Hundred Objects

Thomas Jefferson considered the University of Virginia to be among his finest achievements--a living monument to his artistic and intellectual ambitions. Now, on the occasion of the University's bicentennial, Brendan Wolfe has assembled one hundred objects that, brought together in one fascinating...

Wolfe, Brendan

Face Value
The Consumer Revolution and the Colonizing of America

The Industrial Revolution was previously understood as having awakened an enormous, unquenchable thirst for material consumption. People up and down the social order had discovered and were indulging in the most extraordinary passion for consumer merchandise in quantities and varieties that had...

Carson, Cary

Genealogies of Environmentalism
The Lost Works of Clarence Glacken

Clarence Glacken wrote one of the most important books on environmental issues published in the twentieth century. His magnum opus, Traces on the Rhodian Shore, first published in 1967, details the ways in which perceptions of the natural environment have profoundly influenced human enterprise over...

Glacken, Clarence, Rajan, S. Ravi

Experiencing Empire
Power, People, and Revolution in Early America

Born of clashing visions of empire in England and the colonies, the American Revolution saw men and women grappling with power— and its absence—in dynamic ways. On both sides of the revolutionary divide, Americans viewed themselves as an imperial people. This perspective conditioned how they...

Griffin, Patrick

Slavery in the City
Architecture and Landscapes of Urban Slavery in North America

Countering the widespread misconception that slavery existed only on plantations, and that urban areas were immune from its impacts, Slavery in the City is the first volume to deal exclusively with the impact of North American slavery on urban design and city life during the antebellum period. This...

Ellis, Clifton, Ginsburg, Rebecca

Memoirs on the Life and Travels of Thomas Hammond, 1748-1775

A lavishly illustrated manuscript from the eighteenth century now being published for the first time, Thomas Hammond's memoirs are a major discovery. Hammond was a self-educated but remarkably gifted writer with a knack for seizing unlikely opportunities for adventure. We follow this abandoned waif...

Hammond, Thomas, Boulukos, George E.

Staging Creolization
Women's Theater and Performance from the French Caribbean

In Staging Creolization, Emily Sahakian examines seven plays by Ina Césaire, Maryse Condé, Gerty Dambury, and Simone Schwarz-Bart that premiered in the French Caribbean or in France in the 1980s and 1990s and soon thereafter traveled to the United States. Sahakian argues that these late-twentieth-...

Sahakian, Emily

Patriots, Prostitutes, and Spies
Women and the Mexican-American War

In Patriots, Prostitutes, and Spies, John M. Belohlavek tells the story of women on both sides of the Mexican-American War (1846-48) as they were propelled by the bloody conflict to adopt new roles and expand traditional ones. American women "back home" functioned as anti-war activists, pro-war...

Belohlavek, John M.

Skyscraper Gothic
Medieval Style and Modernist Buildings

Of all building types, the skyscraper strikes observers as the most modern, in terms not only of height but also of boldness, scale, ingenuity, and daring. As a phenomenon born in late nineteenth-century America, it quickly became emblematic of New York, Chicago, and other major cities. Previous...

Murphy, Kevin D., Reilly, Lisa

The Papers of James Madison
1 January 1806-31 May 1806

During the period covered by this volume, James Madison continued to deal with the United States' vexing relations with Europe. Mounting outrage against Great Britain's seizure of American vessels, impressment of seamen, and violations of trade agreements with British Canada erupted in Congress....

Madison, James, Hackett, Mary A., Stagg, J. C. A., Johnson, Mary Parke, Colony, Anne Mandeville, Harbury, Katharine E.

Society Ties
A History of the Jefferson Society and Student Life at the University of Virginia

Society Ties is a history of the University of Virginia’s oldest student organization, the Jefferson Society. Founded in 1825, the Society has counted the likes of Woodrow Wilson and Edgar Allan Poe among its membership and continues to be one of the largest and most active student organizations...

Howard, Thomas L. III, Gallogly, Owen W.

Questioning Nature
British Women's Scientific Writing and Literary Originality, 1750-1830

In the mid-eighteenth century, many British authors and literary critics anxiously claimed that poetry was in crisis. These writers complained that modern poets plagiarized classical authors as well as one another, asserted that no new subjects for verse remained, and feared poetry's complete...

Bailes, Melissa

The Camaro in the Pasture
Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America

Robert Riley has been a renowned figure in landscape studies for over fifty years, valued for his perceptive, learned, and highly entertaining articles, reviews, and essays. Much of Riley’s work originally ran in Landscape, the pioneering magazine at which Riley succeeded the great geographer J. B...

Riley, Robert B.

The Dooleys of Richmond
An Irish Immigrant Family in the Old and New South

The Dooleys of Richmond is the biography of two generations of a dynamic and philanthropic immigrant family in the urban South. While most Irish Catholic immigrants who poured into the region in the nineteenth century were poor and illiterate, John and Sarah Dooley were affluent and well educated...

Bayliss, Mary Lynn

Jamestown, the Truth Revealed

What was life really like for the band of adventurers who first set foot on the banks of the James River in 1607? Important as the accomplishments of these men and women were, the written records pertaining to them are scarce, ambiguous, and often conflicting, and those curious about the birthplace...

Kelso, William M.

The Algerian New Novel
The Poetics of a Modern Nation, 1950-1979

Disputing the claim that Algerian writing during the struggle against French colonial rule dealt almost exclusively with revolutionary themes, The Algerian New Novel shows how Algerian authors writing in French actively contributed to the experimental forms of the period, expressing a new age...

Orlando, Valérie K.