Technical Support

Rotunda Support and Feedback

A Note on Browser Requirements: In general, Rotunda publications should work on all standard Web browsers that are reasonably current at the time of publication release. However, as of 2011 we are no longer actively attempting to support MS Internet Explorer versions prior to 7, and strongly recommend using version 8 or later of MSIE if possible. Session cookies must be enabled in your browser for individual logins to work (we do not use any tracking cookies); Javascript must be enabled for many features of our publications to operate.

Reporting Bugs and Errors: We have tested our page display using recent versions of MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, and Safari under Windows platforms from Windows 2000 on, under Mac OS X, and to a lesser extent on
Solaris and Linux systems. If you are running one of these combinations and still encounter problems with display or page rendering, or if you discover any errors of content in our publications, please let us know by clicking the Report a Bug or Error link at
the bottom of most pages, or by sending a note to Rotunda support.