Rotunda Collections

Rotunda Collections

Rotunda publications offer scholars and students at all levels an invaluable source of primary and secondary materials by and about some of the most enduring figures in history and the humanities. Rotunda publications are available individually or as part of these collections.

SAH Archipedia bannerSAH Archipedia is the online version of the Society of Architectural Historians’ Buildings of the United States series, one of the most valuable resources for a comprehensive view of each state’s most notable buildings. The new online edition from Rotunda presents this content in a richly illustrated, peer-reviewed digital edition.

American Century

Through two world wars, depression and prosperity, and sweeping sociopolitical change, America assumed a global prominence in the twentieth century that was not only new to itself but unlike any the world had yet seen. The American Century Collection brings together primary-source material by and about the most notable figures from these pivotal times and presents them in a multimedia-enhanced, fully searchable XML environment.

American Founding Era Collection
The American Founding Era Collection brings together original digital works with digital editions of the papers of major figures of the early republic, many of them decades in the making. These digital editions will present all material from the published volumes, including editorial annotations and careful transcriptions of hundreds of thousands of documents, in a fully searchable and interoperable online environment.

Literature and Culture Collection
The Literature and Culture Collection looks to both America and Britain to provide users with a rich and diverse perspective on the Renaissance through the nineteenth century. The collection presents “born-digital” publications alongside digitized versions of multivolume print publications—now fully searchable and interoperable. Each title combines the highest editorial standards with thoughtful technical innovation designed for both students and scholars.