American Century

American Century Collection

The American Century Collection brings together primary-source material by and about the most notable figures from the twentieth century and presents them in a multimedia-enhanced, fully searchable XML environment.

LBJPresidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition
Edited by David G. Coleman, Kent B. Germany, Guian A. McKee, and Marc J. Selverstone
The online edition of The Presidential Recordings includes hundreds of hours of presidential tapes covering the major issues of the LBJ administration, from the War on Poverty to the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War. Each conversation is fully transcribed and annotated, and accompanied by its audio file. This multimedia presentation includes photo and video galleries, a linked timeline, and powerful XML-based searching ability.

Forthcoming from Rotunda’s American Century Collection

The Presidential Recordings of Richard M. Nixon Digital Edition
Edited by Patrick Garrity, Ken Hughes, and Erin Mahan

Beginning with the first tapes Nixon recorded, in early 1971, the conversations presented here cover a fascinating spectrum of topics: the continuing war in Vietnam, relations with China, the nuclear disarmament talks with the Soviet Union, as well as domestic issues such as civil rights and Nixon’s economic policies. The first installment concludes with the president’s reaction to the “Pentagon Papers” affair; the actions his administration took to prevent future leaks shed valuable light on many activities during the later Watergate affair. Each conversation in this XML-based publication is transcribed, fully annotated, and accompanied by its audio file, allowing users to listen as they explore these historic events.

December 2013