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Faith and Race in American Political Life

Edited by Robin Dale Jacobson and Nancy D. Wadsworth

BUY Cloth · 328 pp. · 6.13 × 9.25 · ISBN 9780813931951 · $55.00 · Feb 2012
BUY Ebook · 328 pp. · ISBN 9780813932057 · $55.00 · Feb 2012

Drawing on scholarship from an array of disciplines, this volume provides a deep and timely look at the intertwining of race and religion in American politics. The contributors apply the methods of intersectionality, but where this approach has typically considered race, class, and gender, the essays collected here focus on religion, too, to offer a theoretically robust conceptualization of how these elements intersect--and how they are actively impacting the political process.


Antony W. Alumkal, Iliff School of Theology * Carlos Figueroa, University of Texas at Brownsville * Robert D. Francis, Lutheran Services in America * Susan M. Gordon, independent scholar * Edwin I. Hernández, DeVos Family Foundations * Robin Dale Jacobson, University of Puget Sound * Robert P. Jones, Public Religion Research Institute * Jonathan I. Leib, Old Dominion University * Jessica Hamar Martínez, University of Arizona * Eric Michael Mazur, Virginia Wesleyan College * Sangay Mishra, University of Southern California * Catherine Paden, Simmons College * Milagros Peña, University of Florida * Tobin Miller Shearer, University of Montana * Nancy D. Wadsworth, University of Denver * Gerald R. Webster, University of Wyoming


A very strong anthology that draws together new, innovative, and important research and grounds it in a forceful overarching argument. This volume exhibits remarkable breadth and diversity of subjects, methodologies, and conclusions, as well as a broad perspective on racial politics that moves well beyond the binaries (white-black, sacred-secular, liberal-conservative) that have typically framed discussions of this sort.

Darren Dochuk, Purdue University, author of From Bible Belt to Sunbelt: Plain-Folk Religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Rise of Evangelical Conservatism

About the Author: 

Robin Dale Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Politics and Government at the University of Puget Sound, is the author of The New Nativism: Proposition 187 and the Debate over Immigration. Nancy D. Wadsworth is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Denver. Her articles have appeared in Religion and Politics, Political Research Quarterly, and Politics and Society.

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