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The Digital Temple

Rotunda, the electronic imprint of the University of Virginia Press, announces the release of its latest digital publication: Edited by Robert Whalen and Christopher Hodgkins, The Digital Temple is a complete edition of George Herbert’s 1633 The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. It includes not only an annotated transcription of the first edition, but also complete transcriptions of the two manuscript witnesses (Williams MS. Jones B62, Bodleian MS. Tanner 307), accompanied by high-resolution images of the original manuscript and printed pages. The display of individual poems allows readers to view two or three witnesses of the poem in parallel columns, and to select among three different ways of viewing annotation.

With the addition of George Herbert to our publications, we have renamed our “Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture” collection as Literature and Culture to reflect its expansion into seventeenth-century England.

Information on institutional or individual purchase is available on Rotunda's Purchase page. You may also register for a free trial to evaluate this and other Rotunda publications.