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Rotunda website has moved to a new home

In 2004, what had been known since its establishment two years earlier as the "Electronic Imprint" of UVA Press was branded as "Rotunda", and we produced our first website to go along with it, at With a design by Bill Covert centered on an award-winning logo, the site has served us well for eight years as the public face of Rotunda and a gateway to our publications.

But with the new year, we have moved all of our general descriptive content about Rotunda to a hierarchy under the ROTUNDA tab on the Press website (above on the menu bar). We're doing this for several reasons: to avoid maintaining parallel designs, to allow more Press staff to edit Rotunda content via our WordPress interface, and above all to integrate Rotunda projects more closely with the rest of the Press's publications.

Rotunda publications themselves will remain at their existing URLs (usually underneath, sometimes under separate hostnames), and our entrance page to all the publications—the URL you'll want to bookmark for access—continues to be A few other pages performing services that cannot be provided via WordPress will stay where they are as well.