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New in Rotunda: Papers of George Washington, Presidential 16

GW bustWe have added Presidential Series volume 16 to our Papers of George Washington Digital Edition. It is the digital version of the letterpress edition published in 2011.

This volume contains over 500 documents from 1 May through 30 September 1794. During this period, Washington and his cabinet faced foreign policy challenges connected with the ongoing war in Europe, including embargo evasions, activity by British and French privateers. Fears persisted of a potential war with Great Britain, even as envoy John Jay began negotiations with the British.

On the domestic front, conflict with Indians and the activities of Spain and Great Britain remained concerns. But the major event was the transformation of opposition to the whiskey excise tax into the violent outbreaks in western Pennsylvania that have become known as the Whiskey Rebellion. As this volume closes, President Washington himself is departing Philadelphia to join federal troops marshaled against the rebels.

As always, UVA Press thanks Jennifer Stertzer, associate editor with The Papers of George Washington.