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Rotunda Adds Adams and Madison Content

Three volumes from the Adams Papers and Papers of James Madison projects are the source for nearly 1,200 new documents in Rotunda's American Founding Era collection.

Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 10, January 1794–June 1795, 305 documents
This volume includes many letters between John and Abigail never before printed. During this period John Adams is in Pennsylvania serving as the vice president, while Abigail remains on the farm in Quincy, Massachusetts. Their son John Quincy Adams is appointed U.S. minister resident at The Hague, and brother Thomas Boylston accompanies him to serve as his secretary.

Papers of John Adams, Volume 16, February 1784–March 1785, 355 documents
This volume finds Adams in Europe, joined finally by wife Abigail and daughter Nabby, where he continues his diplomatic work. Along with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson he serves on a commission to negotiate trade treaties with nations in Europe and North Africa; as minister to the Netherlands, he secures a loan that helps preserve his new nation from financial disaster.

Papers of James Madison, Presidential Series, Volume 7, 25 October 1813–30 June 1814: 538 documents
With his country still embroiled in the War of 1812 with Britain, Madison engages in peace negotiations and attempts to strengthen commercial ties with Europe. Besides political documents, this volume includes family correspondence and Edinburgh Review editor Francis Jeffrey's account of a conversation with Madison in November 1813.