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The U.S. and China: Is Conflict Inevitable?

In the current issue of the New Yorker, Ian Buruma surveys four new books that address the threat of conflict with China. Highly critical of some of the concepts being offered, Buruma reserves much of his praise for Amitai Ezioni's Avoiding War with China: Two Nations One World, which he feels provides "a more concrete idea of how China should be accommodated." He goes on: "Etzioni, a professor at George Washington University, is no softie. Having escaped from Nazi Germany as a child, he served as a commando in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948. Etzioni knows what war is like, in contrast to most armchair warriors in Washington or indeed Beijing, and he refuses to get overexcited by China’s martial prowess." You may read the entire review here. You may also watch the book's trailer, in which Professor Etzioni addresses already-existing Pentagon plans for military conflict with China, questions the benefit of any military action, and stresses the need for the two nations to concentrate on their common goals, which are substantial. Avoiding War with China is available now.

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