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The 21st Century University

The 21st-century university is a complex entity. Become the president of a university in 2017, and you may find yourself running a research hospital, managing a development operation that thinks in billions, or forging global partnerships. The issues extend far beyond the traditional academic arena. It's no surprise that nontraditional leaders—that is, leaders not from academia but from the business world and elsewhere—are increasingly filling presidents' and deans' jobs. Scott Beardsley, Dean of UVA's world-renowned Darden Business School and a former executive with McKinsey and Company, is at the forefront of this new wave. Beardsley discusses his new book, Higher Calling: The Rise of Nontraditonal Leaders in Academia, in a vitally relevant video interview, covered by both Markets Insider and The Darden Report and also accessible via the link above. Beardsley describes the university as a unique and invaluable conduit—a place that helps people "go anywhere from anywhere"—and how skills acquired in the business world, from team-building to knowing what one is good at (and not good at), are the new essential tools in higher ed. "The world needs educated people to solve the world's problems," Beardsley says. This is a refreshingly complementary vision of the university and how it can benefit from the lessons learned beyond its doors.

Higher Calling is available now.

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