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The DNA of the Drink

Creativity is always helpful in making a great craft cocktail. But creativity does not mean directionless experimenting: there are guidelines that every good bartender must be aware of. As Micah LeMon explains in his new book, The Imbible: A Cocktail Guide for Beginning and Home Bartenders, good mixology demands a formula of spirit + sweet + sour/bitter, and for good reasons. We have created a series of short videos showing LeMon in action, beginning with a classic cocktail, the Manhattan. LeMon starts with two ounces of Bulleit rye whiskey (the spirit) to which he adds 1 ounce of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth (there's your sweet) and four drops of Bob's Abbott's bitters. You can watch the video here. Another key concept in The Imbible is the primacy of the Manhattan and the Daiquiri, the two drinks from which all cocktails descend. In a second video—watch it here—LeMon demonstrates his shaking skills in the creation of the perfect Daiquiri. Learning the DNA of the drink is what allows aspiring bartenders not only to perfect classic drinks such as these but to riff on those classics to create drinks of their own. And finally, because being a good bartender extends past the drink itself, enjoy this third clip in which LeMon shows us the secret to perfect, clear ice.

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