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Gabbin, Joanne V.

Furious Flower
African-American Poetry from the Black Arts Movement to the Present Joanne V. Gabbin, ed.

Furious Flower: African-American Poetry from the Black Arts Movement to the PresentEdited by Joanne V. GabbinThe Furious Flower Conference of 1994 represented the largest gathering of African American writers at one event in nearly thirty years. In that crucial span of time, African American poetry... More

The Furious Flowering of African American Poetry
Joanne V. Gabbin, ed.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN POETRY, with its wellsprings in jazz and vernacular culture and its inescapable political dimension, stands among the most important bodies of literary work of the twentieth century. This collection of essays and six lively interviews with practicing poets, arising from the now-... More

Sterling A. Brown
Building the Black Aesthetic Tradition Joanne V. Gabbin

Sterling A. Brown's achievement and influence in the field of American literature and culture are unquestionably significant. His poetry has been translated into Spanish, French, German, and Russian and has been read in literary circles throughout the world. He is also one of the principal... More