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Greene, Jeffrey

Masters of Tonewood

The Hidden Art of Fine Stringed-Instrument Making Jeffrey Greene

The wood used by master craftsmen to create many of the world’s legendary stringed instruments—violins and cellos, mandolins and guitars—comes from seven near-mythic European forests. In his latest book, Jeffrey Greene takes the reader into those woodlands and into luthiers’ workshops to show us... More

In Pursuit of Wild Edibles

A Forager's Tour Jeffrey Greene

Today we care about the source of our food as much as the preparation, so it is no surprise that foodies have discovered wild edibles. From the most upscale restaurants in New York to humble farm stays in Europe, chefs and restaurant-goers alike are seeking pleasure in food found in the wild. In... More

The Golden-Bristled Boar

Last Ferocious Beast of the Forest Jeffrey Greene

The wild boar appears to us as something straight out of a myth. But as Jeffrey Greene learned, these creatures are very real, living by night and, despite shrinking habitats and hordes of hunters, thriving on six continents. Greene purchased an eighteenth-century presbytery in a region of ponds... More