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Heinemann, Ronald L.

Old Dominion, New Commonwealth

A History of Virginia, 1607–2007 Ronald L. Heinemann, John G. Kolp, Anthony S. Parent, Jr., and William G. Shade

"On the morning of 26 April 1607, three small ships carrying 143 Englishmen arrived off the Virginia coast of North America, having spent four months at sea.... All hoped for financial success and perhaps a little adventure; as it turned out, their tiny settlement eventually would evolve... More

Harry Byrd of Virginia

Ronald L. Heinemann

This is the first full-scale biography of Harry Byrd Sr., one of the most influential politicians of this century. His fascinating career as Virginia governor, U.S. senator, and leader of the Virginia Democratic Party enabled him to touch every important event and meet every significant... More

Depression and New Deal in Virginia

The Enduring Dominion Ronald L. Heinemann

Heinemann skillfully presents the dramatic opposition between the Byrd organization and the proponents of Roosevelt's New Deal. He explains why Virginia voters paradoxically endorsed both at the polls. This study is based on extensive research in the records of federal agencies,... More