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Wright, Conrad Edick

Transient and Permanent

The Transcendentalist Movement and Its Contexts Edited by Charles Capper and Conrad Edick Wright

Comprising twenty essays by leading scholars, this insightful collection provides the best recent writing on the Transcendentalists, the New England religious reformers and intellectuals who challenged both spiritual and secular orthodoxies between the 1830s and the 1850s. The volume... More

Massachusetts and the New Nation

Conrad E. Wright

This collection of essays studies the role of a single state in the transformation of American life following the Revolutionary War. As the citizens of the state worked to establish their new Commonwealth and determine its relationship to a federal government also in its infancy, they were... More


The Boston Business Community, 1700–1850 Conrad E. Wright and Katheryn P. Viens

This volume broadens the scope of Boston business history by including essays on subjects such as 18th-century women shopkeepers and African American businessmen in the antebellum period along with writings focused on more traditional topics such as the China trade and the New England... More

Faces of Community

Immigrant Massachusetts 1860-2000 Conrad E. Wright and Reed Ueda

For hundreds of thousands of immigrants, coming to Massachusetts has meant exchanging one community for another in multiple ways that are often overlooked. Whether home was originally an Irish tenant farm or the slave quarters of a Southern plantation or an Eastern European ghetto, whether... More