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Thanks to the ongoing “Early Access” transcription program at Documents Compass, we are adding over 16,000 new documents from the Papers of Thomas Jefferson:

SAH Archipedia has been expanded to include 1371 new building entries, including 857 from Buildings of Michigan and 514 from other states, along with 75 new photographs and updates to about 2400 entries.

We have added new content to our Rotunda Founding Era collection representing a total of nearly 20,000 documents, from the papers of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington.

Papers of Thomas Jefferson Retirement Series

Rotunda is releasing three new digital editions of volumes from the Adams Papers project (sponsored by the Massachusetts Historical Society and published by Harvard University Press) in Rotunda's Adams Papers Digital Edition.

Our Dolley Madison Digital Edition, edited by Holly C. Shulman, has been updated with 300 new documents, 360 additional identifications of people, places, and terms, and six new editorial essays exploring aspects of Dolley's life during her widowhood in the 1840s.

We have added Presidential Series volume 16 to our Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, published by our Rotunda electronic imprint. This volume contains over 500 documents from 1 May through 30 September 1794.

In 2004, what had been known since its establishment two years earlier as the "Electronic Imprint" of UVA Press was branded as "Rotunda", and we produced our first website to go along with it, at With a design by Bill Covert centered on an award-winning logo, the site has served us well for eight years as the public face of Rotunda and a gateway to our publications. But with the new year, we have moved all of our general descriptive content about Rotunda to a hierarchy under the ROTUNDA tab on the Press website.