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Virginia Festival of the Book

The Virginia Festival of the Book has become a Charlottesville institution, drawing thousands of people to town for several days of readings, lectures, and book signings. The University of Virginia Press welcomes its authors, editors, and staff taking part in the festival, with a complete schedule of their event appearances.

ROTUNDA new titles for ACRL

We have three new titles from Rotunda that we will be demonstrating at the 2013 ACRL conference in April. Please visit us at Booth #640.

What's She Thinking?

Regular readers of our blog were treated a few weeks back to the story of Fly, a seven-year-old sheepdog "owned" by Donald McCaig. McCaig, the author A Useful Dog and the soon-to-be-released Mrs. and Mrs. Dog: Our Trials, Travels, Adventures, and Epiphanies, continues the story of Fly in a new piece, which begins, "Noticing many sheepdog handlers wear shooting glasses to eliminate glare, a novice asked top handler Scott Glenn, what color glasses she should order. 'Rose-colored,' Scott deadpanned. I ask a lot of my dogs: I want an intimate working partnership. I want them to handle any breed of sheep on any terrain in blowing snow, scorching heat, or moonless night. I want them to be politely indifferent to other dogs and mannerly in airports, office buildings, packed elevators, other people's homes, and public places. I can only ask this much if I can see my dogs; if I've put those rose-colored glasses aside. Seeing them is easier said than done."

The Washington Lecture

When Gordon Wood recently delivered the inaugural Washington Lecture at George Washington University, he was introduced by Denver Brunsman, author of the forthcoming The Evil Necessity: British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World.

New in Rotunda: Papers of George Washington, Presidential 16

We have added Presidential Series volume 16 to our Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, published by our Rotunda electronic imprint. This volume contains over 500 documents from 1 May through 30 September 1794.


You could say Donald McCaig lives a bit of a double life as a writer. While many people know him as a bestselling author of Southern historical fiction, there is a no less devoted audience for his remarkable tales of raising and working with sheepdogs. The University of Virginia Press published A Useful Dog in 2007, and this spring we will be bringing out McCaig's latest book, Mrs. and Mrs. Dog: Our Travels, Trials, Adventures, and Epiphanies. In the meantime, McCaig has offered us a new piece, about a sheepdog named Fly.

The Wildest Wild Oysters

This month we begin a series of pieces by Jeffrey Greene, author of The Golden-Bristled Boar (out in paperback this April). Jeff's next book concerns foraging and cooking wild edibles. His first post begins in the Louvre, where be becomes mildly obsessed with the oysters as they appear in the Dutch still lifes, and takes him to the French coast in search of the grandest oyster of them all, the giant pied de cheval.

Jefferson and Religious Freedom

To mark Religious Freedom Day, John Ragosta, author of the forthcoming Religious Freedom: Jefferson's Legacy, America's Creed, has just published a piece in the Washington Post tracing Jefferson's role in achieving a separation of church and state.

The Making of a Book

Alan G. James, editor of The Master, the Modern Major General, and His Clever Wife: Henry James's Letters to Field Marshal Lord Wolseley and Lady Wolseley, 1878–1913, sent along the following piece about the genesis and various stages of the project. It is an excellent insider's look at how a book originates that begins, "Twenty years ago or so I experienced a literary epiphany: I discovered Henry James."

'Best New Poets' Reading Dates

Any fans of the latest edition of Best New Poets who happen to be in the New York area should mark their calendars for two upcoming events. A number of BNP contributors will be reading from their work at 7:30 on January 7 at Bar 13 in Greenwich Village. On January 9 at 7:00 more BNP contributors will be reading at BookCourt in Brooklyn.