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Adams Papers: Three new volumes in ROTUNDA

Rotunda is releasing three new digital editions of volumes from the Adams Papers project (sponsored by the Massachusetts Historical Society and published by Harvard University Press) in Rotunda's Adams Papers Digital Edition.

Dolley Madison Digital Edition: 300 New Documents

Our Dolley Madison Digital Edition, edited by Holly C. Shulman, has been updated with 300 new documents, 360 additional identifications of people, places, and terms, and six new editorial essays exploring aspects of Dolley's life during her widowhood in the 1840s.

A "Stunning" Salome

When we published a new translation of Oscar Wilde's Salomé last year, we celebrated with a live reading of the play that was covered by CNN. Joseph Donohue's translation is now being staged at Villanova University, where it has received raves, one of which you may read online here.

Number 42

With the release this week of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, we asked Bruce Adelson to contribute a few comments. Adelson's Brushing Back Jim Crow: The Integration of Minor League Baseball in the American South documented many of the challenges that African American ball players faced, and overcame, in a society still practicing racial segregation.

The Story of a False Story

Donald McCaig, author of the just-published Mr. and Mrs. Dog, has been contributing a series of pieces on a little sheepdog named Fly. In this latest piece, McCaig indulges in a little dog psychology—always a perilous undertaking with someone who may be smarter than you. McCaig followers will want to know that Mrs. and Mrs. Dog as just been reviewed in the Washington Post. Read the review here.

A Modernist's Masterworks, Loved and Lost

This week the Press will be at the Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting in Buffalo. In this post, our assistant managing editor, Mark Mones, shares his thoughts on some titles that will be on exhibit there. He writes: "The celebrated modernist architect Richard Neutra (1892-1970) figures prominently in several recently published UVa Press volumes, and with his work we are faced with the enduring questions of how we define, honor, and struggle with history."

Flight to Salerno: A Teacher's Notes

Christine Dumaine Leche, editor of Outside the Wire: American Soldiers' Voices from Afghanistan, appeared on NPR's Weekend Edition to describe the creative writing class she taught in occupied Afghanistan and her amazing students, all of whom were American soldiers. You may listen to the interview here. In the following piece, "Flight to Salerno," Leche takes us behind the scenes of this powerful new book. The trying journey described here is only the beginning of military life in Afghanistan.

Lackey on Haverford

Michael Lackey gave a preview of his forthcoming book, The Haverford Discussions, during a recent talk at Roosevelt University on the subject of race.

Regional Authors Series

Kirt von Daacke, author of Freedom Has a Face: Race, Identity, and Community in Jefferson's Virginia, will be taking part in the Regional Authors Series sponsored by the Jefferson Madison Regional Library.

The Creation of the First Lady

Holly Shulman—editor of the Dolley Madison Digital Edition and coeditor of the forthcoming People of the Founding Era—took part in James Madison University's presidential inauguration festivities by delivering a new lecture, "Dolley Madison and the Creation of the First Lady."