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Salomé at Live Arts

Join the University of Virginia Press and Joseph Donohue at Live Arts on Friday, December 2nd at 7:30 pm for a staged reading of this new translation of Salomé, directed by UVA Department of Drama Professor Kate Burke.

The Heavy

Rotunda, the University of Virginia Press's electronic imprint, has added a digital edition of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton to its American Founding Era collection. Among the founding fathers, Hamilton is perhaps the most controversial, both in his own time and in history. With the release of this important new resource, we talked with historian Mary-Jo Kline, who served as a consultant on the digital edition.

The American Experiment

Who believes in American Exceptionalism? Alexis de Tocqueville, for one. Tocqueville felt that traveling to America would reveal the secret of the modern world, in which democracy and equality were destined to rule.

Whetters and Cutters

The wild boar appears to us as something straight out of a myth. But as Jeffrey Greene learned, these creatures are very real, living by night and, despite shrinking habitats and hordes of hunters, thriving on six continents. Greene takes us on a journey filled with wonders and discoveries about these majestic animals the poet Robinson Jeffers called “beautiful monsters.”

"The Golden-Bristled Boar is an elegant book that looks at the landscape and ecology of what would seem to be our most inelegant natural neighbor."—Robert Sullivan Jr.

LBJ: The Presidential Recordings

The online edition of The Presidential Recordings includes hundreds of hours of presidential tapes covering the major issues of the LBJ administration. Read and LISTEN to these historic conversations.