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Books in the Time of Corona

UVA Press joins the publishing and reading communities at large in wishing everyone well during the challenging times of Covid-19. For those choosing to maintain their social distance, we have compiled a list of books we think would be inspiring, educational, or simply entertaining to read in the

Read an Excerpt from THE LIFE OF WILLIAM FAULKNER, Vol. 1

This spring, UVA Press is proud to be publishing THE LIFE OF WILLIAM FAULKNER, Volume 1: The Past is Never Dead, 1897-1934 by acclaimed literary biographer Carl Rollyson. Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1949, Faulkner was a southerner who became widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of all time. Despite being such a studied figure, however, to date no biography has captured the complexities at the heart of the man and his work. In THE LIFE OF WILLIAM FAULKNER, Rollyson portrays a new Faulkner—a man of astonishing paradoxes. Based on extensive interviews with family and friends of Faulkner, as well as unparalleled access to primary and secondary source materials, this first of what will be a major two-volume work offers a dramatic narrative that breaks the bounds of the traditional literary biography. In short, the book offers the most comprehensive biography of William Faulkner in forty-five years, revealing new information about the American literary icon.

Read Smarter, A Reading Challenge

Savvy readers know there’s more to publishing than the “Big 5.” University presses, independent publishers, and small literary presses aren’t constrained by market trends or corporate edicts.

Suzanne Morse Moomaw Named Director of the University of Virginia Press

Suzanne Morse Moomaw has been named Director of the University of Virginia Press, effective January 2020. Moomaw is Associate Professor of Urban + Environmental Planning in the School of Architecture and Director of the Community Design Research Center. She has served on the Press’s Board of Directors since 2015, the last two years as chair. On leave from the School of Architecture for the 2020-21 academic year, Moomaw will launch the search for the next Director by spring 2021. The position became vacant with the death of Mark Saunders.

How to Cope with Polarization

In a world where political polarization threatens democracy on a global scale, renowned scholar Amitai Etzioni seeks in his new book, Reclaiming Patriotism, to identify the components of this threat and offer a practical approach to shifting this dangerous trend. Etzioni contends that it will take no less than a social movement--on the order of the environmental and civil rights movements of the past--to achieve this.

Toni Morrison: 'The Pieces I Am'

UVA Press, along with The Carter G.

SAH Archipedia Now Open-Access

The University of Virginia Press (UVA Press) and The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) are pleased to announce a new open-access, mobile-friendly edition of SAH Archipedia, an authoritative online encyclopedia of the built environment of the United States.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

TEXAS: a small word known worldwide that embodies all the attributes of the big state, its myths, legends, and history. That history itself is often indistinguishable from myth, aided by popular culture and media.

Independence Day Sale

Celebrate Independence Day by saving on selected titles in American history, beginnig July 4 and continuing until the end of the month. Simply use the promotional code 10JULY4 when ordering.

To Our Friends and Colleagues

As many of you know by now, our director, Mark Saunders, passed away suddenly last month. The weeks since his passing have been painful for those of us who worked with Mark and valued not just his leadership but his friendship. The world keeps moving, however--Mark would have been less surpised by this than anyone--and as we continue on at the the Press, we drafted a letter to our authors and the many people with whom we do business to update them on where we are in regard to number of issues.