A Deserving BrotherYoung AmericaFrom Independence to the U.S. ConstitutionDivided by the WordSex and SectsWomen in George Washington's WorldTort Law and the Construction of ChangeFemale GeniusThe American Revolution and the Habsburg MonarchyLifting Every VoiceBlack SuffrageIn the True Blue's WakeSpain and the American RevolutionThe False CausePreserving the White Man's RepublicGeorge Washington's HairThe Illimitable Freedom of the Human MindMusic and Urban Life in Baroque GermanyAverting DoomsdayHaitian Revolutionary FictionsThe Mambi-Land, or Adventures of a Herald Correspondent in CubaStrange BrethrenNavigating NeutralityLimited ChoicesThe SenateThe Cacophony of PoliticsMy Work among the FreedmenViolence and SolaceMasked RaidersPapers of Martha WashingtonBefore American History