ASECS 2023

Rumors of RevolutionRegenerating RomanticismWriting Early AmericaThey Run with Surprising SwiftnessExemplary EnglandDrone EnlightenmentAfrican ImpressionsOrienting VirtueFemale GeniusMaking the Early Modern MetropolisMusic and Urban Life in Baroque GermanySpeculative EnterpriseMind over MatterSapphic CrossingsThe Usufructuary EthosAgainst the MapWe Are KingsAfter PrintBotanical EntanglementsUncommon SenseVoices from BeyondStaging CivilizationAgainst Better JudgmentInterest and Connection in the Eighteenth CenturyNervous FictionsThe Shortest Way with DefoeSight CorrectionSifilografíaThe Problem of ProfitWithout the NovelJourneys of the Slave Narrative in the Early AmericasQuestioning NatureThe Alchemy of ConquestCreole DramaUnnatural FrenchmenBacklashFace ValueThe Field of ImaginationRaving at UsurersGenre Theory and Historical ChangeOssianic UnconformitiesThe Eighteenth CenturiesMemoirs on the Life and Travels of Thomas Hammond, 1748-1775A World of Disorderly NotionsOrganic SupplementsTransfusionThe Natural, Moral, and Political History of Jamaica, and the Territories thereon DependingBlack CosmopolitansSpectacular SufferingReading ContagionLame Captains and Left-Handed AdmiralsReading Popular NewtonianismBefore American HistoryWomen in the American RevolutionBeyond 1776Women Waging War in the American RevolutionNovel VenturesWomen in George Washington’s WorldUtopian Geographies and the Early English NovelThe Illiberal ImaginationArmed CitizensThe American Revolution and the Habsburg MonarchyRedemption from Tyranny"The Only Unavoidable Subject of Regret"Barbaric Culture and Black CritiqueAnecdotes of EnlightenmentDomestic Captivity and the British Subject, 1660–1750Our CoquettesEnding the French RevolutionThe Evil NecessityNo TomorrowThe Nation's NaturePublic VowsIf the King Only KnewCitizens of ConveniencePoems of Nation, Anthems of EmpireBe It Ever So HumbleWild EnlightenmentBackstage in the NovelProse Immortality, 1711-1819Empiricist DevotionsVirginians RebornNationalizing France's ArmyFrom Independence to the U.S. Constitution
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