SHEAR 2023

European Friends of the American RevolutionDishonored AmericansTo Organize the Sovereign PeopleThe American Liberty PoleAfrican Musicians in the Atlantic WorldPlain Paths and Dividing LinesDueling Cultures, Damnable LegaciesFor the People, For the CountryThe Tory’s WifeMaking the Early Modern MetropolisWomen Waging War in the American RevolutionThe Papers of Martha WashingtonYoung AmericaThe Travels of Richard TraunterReplanting a Slave SocietyThe Celebrated Elizabeth SmithThe Permanent ResidentBefore American HistoryMourning the PresidentsFaith, Race, and the Lost CauseSeven VirginiansThe Civil War Political TraditionWriting Early AmericaPoplar ForestRumors of RevolutionRedemption from TyrannyConceived in CrisisRum HistoriesThe Illimitable Freedom of the Human MindWomen in the American RevolutionThe PresidencyRevolutionary PropheciesThomas Jefferson's LivesNavigating NeutralityWomen in George Washington’s WorldMonacan MillenniumAgainst PoperyIreland and AmericaRival VisionsImperial EducaciónJeffersonians in PowerWashington's GovernmentJefferson on DisplayPatriotism and PietySex and SectsHaitian Revolutionary FictionsFrom Independence to the U.S. ConstitutionStatute Law in Colonial VirginiaGeorge Washington's HairThe Politics of CorruptionArmed CitizensThe American Revolution and the Habsburg MonarchySpain and the American RevolutionThe Sun of Jesús del MontePreserving the White Man's RepublicStrategies for SurvivalThe Road to CharlestonIn the True Blue's WakeMy Work among the FreedmenFemale Genius
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