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(This is an archive of news items from the old Rotunda website, through 2012. For more recent items, see the Rotunda news page.)

17 December 2012

The Digital Temple: A Documentary Edition of George Herbert’s English Verse. Today we are launching a new publication as well as expanding one of our Rotunda collections. Edited by Robert Whalen and Christopher Hodgkins, The Digital Temple is a complete edition of George Herbert’s 1633 The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. It includes not only an annotated transcription of the first edition, but also complete transcriptions of the two manuscript witnesses (Williams MS. Jones B62, Bodleian MS. Tanner 307), accompanied by high-resolution images of the original manuscript and printed pages. Powered by the Versioning Machine, the display of individual poems allows readers to view two or three witnesses of the poem in parallel columns, and to select among three different ways of viewing annotation.

With the addition of George Herbert to our publications, we have renamed our “Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture” collection as Literature and Culture to reflect its expansion into seventeenth-century England.

The Digital Temple will be open to full public access through 28 December 2012. Information on institutional or individual purchase is available on our Acquire page; following the open-access period, you can register for a free trial to evaluate this and other Rotunda publications.

7 December 2012
Two new Washington Papers volumes. We have added two additional volumes to our Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, volumes 19 and 20 of the Revolutionary War Series. Volume 19 (15 January–7 April 1779) documents Washington’s activities while the Continental Army was encamped at Middlebrook, New Jersey. Traveling between Middlebrook and Philadelphia, Washington planned a major spring campaign along the Pennsylvania–New York border. Volume 20 (8 April–31 May 1779) sees Washington continuing his plans for a summer expedition against the Iroquois Confederacy, learning of the British raid at Portsmouth, Virginia, and protecting West Point from attack.
14 November 2012
The Papers of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry Digital Edition. The correspondence, journals, and recipes of South Carolina’s most prominent Colonial and Early Republic mother-daughter pair joins our Dolley Madison Digital Edition as a richly contextualized record of their lives and interactions with others. The Papers of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Harriott Pinckney Horry contains nearly 800 general documents, along with the travel journals of Harriott Pinckney Horry, recipe books by both women, and a wealth of supporting material including editorial introductions, biographical sketches of the extended family, detailed maps of their travels, and a Pinckney family tree.
10 October 2012

SAH Archipedia: Public beta released. In conjuction with the Society of Architectural Historians, the University of Virginia Press has launched an open public beta of SAH Archipedia. Rotunda’s newest publication is an online adaptation of the SAH’s print series Buildings of the United States, originally from Oxford University Press and now published by UVA Press. At launch, SAH Archipedia contains more than 8,500 building entries, 6,000 photographs and drawings, 4,300 individual architects and firms, and 1,300 unique building types, georeferenced and searchable by full text, date, and subject keywords. It will grow continuously as editing and image acquisition continue.

For more information, please see our announcement on the main UVA Press website.

23 August 2012

Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition: cumulative index. The cumulative index for the The Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition was added today. This is a digitization of the index published in 1987 as volume 27 of the Hamilton Papers, based on a rigorous complete reindexing of the entire series. This index reproduces the paragraph structure of the letterpress version.

18 June 2012

Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition: 9 remaining volumes added. Volumes 18–27 of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition are now online, representing the full documentary content of the letterpress edition published by Columbia University Press (1961–1979). Once the cumulative index is added, the digital edition will be complete.

8 February 2012

Digital LBJ wins a PROSE award. Winners of the 36th PROSE Awards were announced on February 2, and Rotunda was honored for our digital edition of The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson, which won 2011 Best eProduct in the Humanities. Sponsored by the Professional Scholarly Publishing division of the Association of American Publishers, the PROSE Awards recognize excellence in books, journals, and electronic content in over 40 categories. The complete list of winners is here (scroll down for digital publications).

It has been a very good 2012 so far for our Lyndon Johnson publication: the PROSE Award follows its being named one of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in January.

19 January 2012

Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition: 8 new volumes. Volumes 10–17 of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition are now online. Replicating the content of the Columbia University Press volumes edited by Harold C. Syrett, they cover Hamilton’s career from the end of 1791 through 1794, toward the end of his term as secretary of the Treasury. Among the historically significant material in these volumes is his “Report on Manufactures,” Hamilton’s debates with Madison over foreign policy in his “Pacificus” essays, and the “Tully” letters denouncing the Whiskey Rebellion.

Hamilton’s complex financial tables and the diplomatic transcriptions of the letterpress edition have been replicated as closely as possible in HTML rendering.

8 November 2011
Nearly 250 new Dolley Madison documents. The fifth installment (Volume 5) of the Dolley Madison Digital Edition has just been completed, extending the collection through 1843 with 248 additional letters and other documents. Dolley Madison spent the majority of this period at Montpelier, her home in Orange County, Virginia. Her sister Lucy Payne Washington Todd spent the first year living at Montpelier. John Payne’s own home, Toddsberth, was destroyed in a fire. And Dolley’s finances continued to deteriorate. This volume incorporates several new editorial essays, including discussions of St. Thomas, the Orange County church to which Dolley belonged; the franking privilege; the Madison family mills; and the use of hair in creating mourning mementos. It is at the end of this period that Dolley permanently leaves Montpelier (the forthcoming Volume 6 installment of DMDE will document her sale of the remaining land and house to Henry Wood Moncure.)
2 August 2011
Papers of Alexander Hamilton Digital Edition, first release. Today we are releasing the first nine volumes of our in-progress edition of The Papers of Alexander Hamilton. Under the editorship of Harold C. Syrett, the Hamilton Papers were issued by Columbia University Press in a set of twenty-six volumes between 1961 and 1979, joined by a final twenty-seventh volume containing errata, additional letters, and a new cumulative index in 1987. When complete in Rotunda by early 2012, this will be the first of our digital Founding Era editions to contain a finished, rather than ongoing, edition. It contains an introductory essay on Syrett’s work by Mary-Jo Kline, author of A Guide to Documentary Editing and former head of the Papers of Aaron Burr at the New-York Historical Society, plus a note on the preparation and features of the edition by Rotunda staff.
20 June 2011
New Jefferson Papers volume. We have added The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 36: December 1801 to March 1802 to our digital edition. Published in print by Princeton University Press in December 2009 and edited by Barbara Oberg, this volume covers the last four months of Jefferson’s first year as president. His Annual Message to Congress highlights peace in Europe and with Indian neighbors, and recommends reforms to the naturalization laws and a review of the Adams administration’s Judiciary Act. Jefferson meets with delegations from the Miami and Shawnee Indians, is presented with a “Mammoth Cheese” by the citizens of Cheshire, Massachusetts, and praises freedom of religious conscience in his letter to the Danbury Baptists.
11 May 2011
New review of James Madison Digital Edition. The April 2011 issue of Choice includes a review of The Papers of James Madison Digital Edition, which is praised for its “powerful searching capability” and receives a “Highly Recommended” rating. The review also describes the Founding Era Collection as “a superb primary research collection.” Choice subscribers may read the full review on Choice Reviews Online.
25 January 2011

[FILLED] Employment opportunity: Media Editor. In collaboration with the Society of Architectural Historians, Rotunda is about to begin work on a digital edition of the Buildings of the United States series published by UVA Press. We have funding for a 12-month full-time position for a media editor to help with graphics and permissions work:

UVa Press seeks a media editor to secure permissions and select new material for a new online architectural encyclopedia. The successful candidate will demonstrate a wide range of competencies including knowledge of visual media editing and manipulation; understanding of copyright issues as they pertain to the online publication of digital objects; the knowledge and ability to obtain permissions for content not owned by the sponsoring entities; knowledge of multimedia editing applications and best practices in conversion for online dissemination; and an intellectual understanding of digital media as an educational resource. A background in architectural history and/or the visual arts is desirable. Excellent organization and interpersonal skills are necessary to communicate with editors, scholars, museum, library, and publishing professionals. Strong deadline orientation required to meet publication schedules.

For complete information and application procedures, go to UVA’s Jobs@UVA website. Click on “Search Postings” near the top left corner of that page, and search on Posting Number 0607072.

14 January 2011
Student internships. This term we are looking for one or more graduate or undergraduate interns to help with our work on the forthcoming digital edition of our Buildings of the United States reference series, in collaboration with the Society of Architectural Historians. Please see our flyer for details!
3 January 2011

Madison Papers Indexes. Our Papers of James Madison Digital Edition has now been completed with addition of digitized versions of the back-of-the-book indexes from the 32 volumes of the letterpress edition that are now online. As with our other digital versions of indexes from the Founding Era publications, we convert page references to document references, and highlight index terms within the linked documents to help readers find the relevant point(s) of reference on the virtual page.

8 December 2010

Two new Jefferson volumes online. We have added two new volumes (text and indexes) to the Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition, edited by Barbara B. Oberg:

  • Volume 34, May to July 1801 (print edition published January 2008)
  • Volume 35, August to November 1801 (print edition published March 2009)

In these volumes we see President Jefferson reorganize his army and navy, consolidate his administration, meet with a delegation of Cherokee chiefs, and follow the progress of construction on the House portion of the U.S. Capitol, and interior design of the White House. During a two-month summer residence at Monticello, he experiments with smallpox innoculation for his family and slaves.

Rotunda typically adds new digital volumes to our American Founding Era collection about 18–24 months after their appearance in print. Volume 36 of the Jefferson Papers will be added in June 2011.

2 December 2010

Indexes to Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution added. All of the published back-of-the-book indexes from The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution have now been converted into crosslinked XML and are accessible via the Index menu in our edition. The indexes provide not only locators for the many individuals who participated in the debates over the Constitution, but also include richly detailed entries for conceptual topics related to political theory, religion, philosophy, and journalism. The editorial headnotes to the letterpress indexes explain the conventions used and principles of selection.

5 November 2010

The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition. Today we release The Presidential Recordings of Lyndon B. Johnson Digital Edition, our first publication in Rotunda’s new American Century Collection. Created in partnership with the Presidential Recordings Program of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, it contains audio and annotated transcripts of nearly 400 conversations tape-recorded between July 1964 and July 1965. The conversations are grouped into three thematic collections—the War on Poverty, Civil Rights, and the War in Vietnam—accompanied by introductory essays written by Miller Center historians, as well as audio files derived from the original recordings that allow users to hear all of the conversations. Supporting material includes an interactive, linked timeline that situates the conversations in their historical context, and video and photo galleries depicting the Johnson administration as well as events referred to in the conversations. The collection is searchable by full text and by facets including speaker, location, date, and length of conversation.

Future installments of the edition will include hundreds of additional conversations from the entire Johnson presidency, plus new tools for search and display of the material.

We are offering an “open house” to the edition, allowing free access to all until 19 November 2010 30 November 2010. Pricing information for access thereafter will be available shortly.

27 October 2010

Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series. Today we are releasing the Rotunda editions of the first four volumes of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series, which document Jefferson’s life after his return to Monticello upon the close of his presidency. Like the volumes in the main series, these are based on the letterpress editions published by Princeton University Press. However, the Retirement Series volumes are unique among Founding Fathers editions in deriving from born-digital XML files stored within a content management system that was developed for the project. As a result, we are able to take advantage of some of the rich tagging in the underlying data: for example, entries in the Retirement Series index files are all resolved to specific documents (as opposed to page numbers) and often to precise locations within those documents, thanks to markup in the XML files. We hope in future to add more search and display functionality that builds upon the tagging of names, places, and other information in the original XML.

We wish to thank editor in chief Jeff Looney and the other editors and staff of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation’s Retirement Series project for their assistance in making their XML files available and providing detailed feedback during the development stages of the new digital volumes. We also thank Stephen Perkins of for creating the delivery pipelines that combined front matter, documents, and indexes for our use, and for assistance writing the XSLT transforms needed to convert between two different idioms of XML encoding.

22 October 2010

The fourth installment (Volume 4) of the Dolley Madison Digital Edition has just been completed, extending the collection through 1840. Starting with the third installment, the DMDE staff decided to include non-epistolary documents and expand the range of third-party documents, such as legal records connected with James Madison’s will and its probate in court. The fourth installment continues to include legal records, expanding them to encompass records that track land transferred and debts paid (or not paid) as well as a sprinkling of newspaper accounts, most often to track Dolley’s movements. This installment also includes an essay on Dolley’s situation during 1839–40 as she begins to sell off land after her husband’s death, and a three-generational genealogy of the Madison family.

Letters added to the fourth installment

12 October 2010

Founders Online and the National Archives. The University of Virginia Press announced today a cooperative agreement with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission of the National Archives to build a new public interface for some of the material in our American Founding Era collection. This new interface, which will be available through the National Archives website in June 2012, will be designed especially for the general public. Rotunda will continue to add new editions not included in the National Archives version to our Founding Era collection. We will also offer new tools and enhancements geared especially for researchers.

For more information, see the UVA Today press release: Grant Allows U.Va. Press to Make Founders' Documents Online Free to Public.

7 October 2010
Press release on Ted Crackel’s retirement. UVA Today has just published an article on Ted Crackel’s retirement as editor in chief of The Papers of George Washington. It surveys his career and notes his role in the creation of our digital edition.
15 September 2010
Papers of George Washington Digital Edition updates. Our standalone PGWDE is no more: because all of its content and functionality has now been fully duplicated in our consolidated American Founding Era collection, we are retiring the separate interface and URL used for the original 2007 release. This move coincides closely with another transition, the passing of the editorship of The Papers of George Washington to Ed Lengel, following the retirement of Ted Crackel at the end of August this year. Ted’s support and encouragement of PGWDE were crucial in getting the papers online, and all of us at UVA Press wish him well as we look forward to working with Ed. (PGW Staff lists updated with current information will be online soon.)
1 September 2010
The Papers of George Washington: Digital Edition has added four new volumes converted from the letterpress edition. Presidential Series 14: 1 September–31 December 1793 (2008) and Presidential Series 15: 1 January–30 April 1794 (2009) document Washington’s efforts to maintain the neutrality of the United States. Revolutionary War Series 17: 15 September–31 October 1778 (2008) opens with Washington moving his army from White Plains, New York, into new positions that ran from West Point to Danbury, Connecticut. Revolutionary War Series 18: 1 November 1778–14 January 1779 (2008) shows Washington watching New York City for signs of a British evacuation and Congress planning for the formation of a Franco-American army and the invasion of Canada.
26 July 2010
The Papers of James Madison Digital Edition is fully online. Today we are adding the remaining volumes of our initial release of PJMDE, six volumes from the Presidential Series (covering 1809–1813) and the first volume of the Retirement Series (March 1817–January 1820). Once the digitized versions of the back-of-the-book indexes are added later this year PJMDE will be complete. (As with all in-progress Founding Era publications, volumes that have not yet appeared in print will be published in Rotunda about 18 months after their appearance in print.)
6 July 2010
Rotunda has moved! We have vacated our office of 8 years on Old Ivy Way and moved to Alumni Hall, right next to the main UVa Press building.
29 June 2010
We have added the 8 volumes of the Secretary of State series to our prerelease Papers of James Madison Digital Edition. These volumes cover Madison’s career as secretary of state to President Thomas Jefferson from 1801 to 1809, a period that included the Louisiana Purchase.
27 May 2010
490 new documents are added to Founders Early Access, forming the second installment of Presidential Papers in George Washington Papers: Early Access. These documents extend coverage of Washington’s presidency through the period 1 May 1794 through 30 September 1794.
12 May 2010
UVa Press Director Penelope Kaiserlian is represented among the authors of a new book on digital humanities, Online Humanities Scholarship: The Shape of Things to Come, edited by Jerome McGann, with Andrew Stauffer, Dana Wheeles, and Michael Pickard (Rice University Press, 2010), with papers deriving from a March 2010 conference at the University of Virginia. Her contribution is “Rotunda: A University Press Starts a Digital Imprint”.
28 April 2010
Alpha prerelease of The Papers of James Madison Digital Edition. Today we are providing an early view of the Papers of James Madison Digital Edition, releasing the 17 volumes of the Congressional Series. The full edition containing 32 volumes is scheduled for completion in early July. See our note on the prerelease for details.
28 April 2010
Rotunda named “Best Reference 2009”. Library Journal has named our American Founding Era Collection to its Best Reference 2009 list in the History category.
29 March 2010
New Washington Papers maps. Thanks to the gracious permission of cartographer Rick Britton, we have been able to add to the Papers of George Washington Digital Edition seven of the maps from the letterpress volumes of the Revolutionary War series. These are:
  • Volume 7: the Battle of Trenton, Dec. 25–26, 1776; the Battle of Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777
  • Volume 11: the Delaware Campaign, Sept. to Nov. 1777
  • Volume 15: the Battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778
  • Volume 16: Lower New York, 1778–1779; Rhode Island, July–August 1778 (plus the Battle of Monmouth map from vol. 15)
4 March 2010
Jefferson Papers indexes added. Digital versions of the back-of-the-book indexes for The Papers of Thomas Jefferson are now available within the publication. These indexes have the same functionality as the recently released indexes for the Washington Papers and Adams Papers, except that they correspond to the separate indexes as originally published: a single cumulative index for volumes 1–20 (which appeared as volume 21 of the print edition), and individual indexes beginning with volume 22. Entries for “Jefferson, Thomas” are sorted separately at the top of the alphabetical list, for the convenience of the reader.
9 February 2010

Full subject indexes added for Washington and Adams Papers. We have now added full index functionality for two publications in our consolidated Founding Era platform, for the Papers of George Washington Digital Edition and the Adams Papers Digital Edition. The indexes are accessible via a new Index selector under the View column of the navigator.

The indexes for both Washington and Adams are single consolidated indexes that cover the entire set of volumes in each publication. Their preparation represents a tremendous commitment of time and energy from the editorial teams at the Papers of George Washington and the Adams Family Papers who combined, regularized, and corrected the digitized back-of-the-book indexes from the letterpress editions of the papers. The Washington index was previously available on Rotunda in the initial release of the PGWDE, but the Adams index is published here in its entirety for the first time. In coming weeks we will be adding volume indexes for The Papers of Thomas Jefferson and The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Also planned for 2010 is an index search page that will enable readers to search for text within index entries and subentries, filtering by publication, entry type, and other criteria.

Features of all Founding Era indexes:

  • Main entries organized alphabetically; where applicable, separate main categories for the major figure in a publication (for example, Washington, George)
  • Entry/subentry listings are accompanied by a count of references and/or subentries, so readers can quickly determine which headings are the “richest” in informational content
  • Where possible, see and see also references are linked to their targets in the index
  • Born-digital index entries will take the reader to the exact location in the text referred to. For indexes based on page references to letterpress volumes, the reader is taken to the top of the corresponding page, and if possible to the first major term from the index heading found on that page. Major terms in the index heading are highlighted on the document page to make it easier for readers to find the point of reference.
9 February 2010
Simplified printing for Founding Era documents. As a convenience feature, we have added a “printable version” link to the top of each document in our Founding Era Collection. The printable version closely resembles the appearance of the document in the letterpress edition, retaining substantive material, including graphics, while omitting background images and navigational features. Jefferson’s “Notes of a Tour through Holland and the Rhine Valley” provides a good example.
15 January 2010
Improved canonical URLs for Founding Era publications. Thanks to the new URL rewriting support in MarkLogic Server, we have been able to simplify the canonic (permanent) URLs for documents in our American Founding Era publications. For example, the permanent link for Thomas Jefferson to Horatio Gates, 4 Oct. 1780, was formerly; now it is Still not a thing of beauty, but a bit less verbose. Canonical URLs apply only to the “print view” (original reading order) of Founders documents for now, and until we complete recoding of all link generation within our Founders platform, hyperlinks within the documents will use old-style URLs. But if you are citing or bookmarking a document, you can use the short form provided in the citation box that appears at the bottom of all Founding Era documents (barring the Early Access ones, which are not authoritative).
15 January 2010
Rotunda now on Twitter and Facebook. We now have pages on Twitter and Facebook. Both of these mirror this News page (actually, the RSS feed derived from it), and may from time to time contain additional comments, information, or observations from Rotunda staff.
7 January 2010
New open-access documents. Today we release three major new additions to the open-access Founders Early Access publication. First, we are adding a new section, George Washington Papers: Early Access, containing pre-release versions of some 2272 documents that will eventually appear in the Papers of George Washington Digital Edition. Second, 117 new documents from 1817 have been added to James Madison Papers: Early Access. Finally, a second installment of 129 new documents has been added to Adams Papers: Early Access.
30 November 2009
Goodbye port 8080! We have reconfigured our server and rewritten all applicable code so that it is no longer necessary to address any of our Rotunda content using a URL specifying port 8080. In other words, any old URL of the form can now be entered simply as Although the older-form URLs will continue to work, we recommend that you revise any links or bookmarks to remove :8080 as the port-less URLs will be the canonical ones.
26 October 2009
In collaboration with the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities’ Documents Compass group, Rotunda today releases Founders Early Access, our first open-access publication. Founders Early Access makes available for the first time thousands of unpublished documents from our nation’s founders in a free online resource. Collected over many years by the Founders documentary editions, these letters and other papers penned by important figures such as James Madison, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson offer Americans of all ages and interests a wider view of the early Republic.
30 September 2009
Today Rotunda releases the digital edition of The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. This landmark work in historical and legal scholarship draws upon thousands of sources to trace the Constitution’s progress through each of the thirteen states’ conventions. The digital edition allows users to search the complete contents by date, title, author, recipient, or state affiliation and preserves the copious annotations

of the print edition.

29 July 2009
In connection with the review process that resulted in the awarding of the Modern Language Association’s CSE seal of approval to John Bryant’s Herman Melville’s Typee: A Fluid-Text Edition, a number of corrections and expansions have been added to the edition. The list of changes is available in a revision log.
29 June 2009
The third installment of The Dolley Madison Digital Edition is now published, adding over two hundred documents mainly from 1836 and later, most of them connected with Dolley Madison’s complex and burdensome task of settling her late husband’s will. In addition to personal correspondence, the new installment includes many legal documents connected to the settlement and reprinted articles from newspapers and periodicals concerning James Madison’s papers and estate.
1 May 2009
Typee edition awarded CSE seal of approval. John Bryant’s Herman Melville’s Typee: A Fluid-Text Edition has been designated an Approved Edition by the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association. This is only the second digital edition (following the William Blake Archive) to be awarded the CSE seal. Since 1976 the CSE has been the preeminent review organization certifying the reliability of scholarly literary editions published in North America.
13 April 2009
On Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, we are launching The Papers of Thomas Jefferson Digital Edition. Included are the first 33 volumes of the letterpress edition (publication dates through 2006). Edited by Barbara B. Oberg, this XML-based edition is the perfect entrance to the extensive writings of our third president, author of the Declaration of Independence, champion of religious freedom, architect, inventor, master of Monticello, and founder of the University of Virginia. Users can search this life in letters by name, date, author and recipient; they can even conduct French-language searches. The digital edition of the first three volumes of the Jefferson Papers Retirement series, edited by J. Jefferson Looney, will follow later this year.
26 March 2009
New Rotunda server! We have upgraded from our old 32-bit server to a new 64-bit CPU with considerably more memory and speed. We’re still running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Users should notice a bit more pep in response to searches and other CPU-intensive requests. (And should you happen to notice any buggy behavior, please notify us via the feedback link at the bottom of every publication page.)
4 March 2009
href="">The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition has been expanded with the full content of three volumes that have appeared in print since the online edition was first prepared. These volumes are Revolutionary War Series 15: May–June 1778 (published in 2006), Revolutionary War Series 16: July–September (2006), and Presidential Series 13: 1 June–31 August 1793 (2007). All their documents have been integrated into the chronological and print-edition tables of contents, and their index entries have been edited and added to the consolidated index.
26 December 2008
Today we formally launch Emily Dickinson’s Correspondences, edited by Martha Nell Smith and Lara Vetter, with Ellen Louise Hart as consulting editor. EDC gathers 74 poems and letters from Emily’s correspondence with her sister-in-law and primary confidante, Susan Dickinson. Each text is presented with a digitized scan of the holograph manuscript. These images have zoom functionality as well as a special light-box feature that allows users to view and compare constellations of related documents. Users may search by date, genre, manuscript features, and full text. Dating from the 1850s to the end of Dickinson’s life, the work collected in EDC shows all the characteristics of the poet’s mature art.
14 November 2008

Rotunda today releases our beta version of the entirely redesigned American Founding Era platform and the first of our publications to be included in it, The Adams Papers Digital Edition.

The new platform provides a single entry point into all of the separate publications of The American Founding Era. Searching can be done across the entire collection, and chronological navigation at the top level combines all documents in the collection into a single tree organized by decade, year, month, and day. Content from our existing Founding Era publications, The Dolley Madison Digital Edition and The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition, has been included in the consolidated platform. (Once work on the Founders platform is complete, the original version of PGWDE will no longer be maintained. Because the DMDE contains a unique interface based on features not shared by other Founders projects, it will continue to exist in its full form as a standalone publication.)

Our digital edition of The Adams Papers is based on 30 volumes from the letterpress edition created by the Massachusetts Historical Society and published by Harvard University Press. Like PGWDE, it is fully searchable and can be navigated following either chronology or the ordering of the print volumes.

22 September 2008
Our Papers of George Washington Digital Edition was listed among the Outstanding Academic Web Sites of 2007 in the August 2008 edition of Choice Reviews Online.
12 March 2008
ROTUNDA’s Papers of George Washington Digital Edition has been named as one of the Outstanding Academic Titles 2007 by the American Library Association’s Choice magazine (see the 4 September 2007 entry below for excerpts from the Choice review).
17 December 2007
ROTUNDA cited by the W3C: The Dolley Madison Digital Edition is noted as an example of XQuery in Action on the World Wide Web Consortium's XQuery page.
28 November 2007
We have added information about Rotunda and the Electronic Imprint of the University of Virginia Press to our About page, along with a new Research and Reports page that will link to publications and presentations by our staff and authors.
4 September 2007

The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition has recently received two strong recommendations from reviewers in the library community. Cheryl LaGuardia’s eReview for Library Journal awards it a 9.5 on her 10-point scale. A review in the August 2007 issue of CHOICE calls PGWDE “a notable achievement” that “weaves a web of cross-referencing and indexing that permits researchers an ease of access not possible using only the print” edition, and ranks it as “highly recommended” for all academic collections (CHOICE Reviews Online, August 2007 [articles viewable by subscribers only]).

11 July 2007

The second installment of The Dolley Madison Digital Edition is published, adding nearly two hundred documents written after James Madison’s death on June 28, 1836, and extending the chronology of the DMDE through early April 1837. New features include an expanded biographical introduction; detailed editorial notes on topics of relevance to multiple letters; improved searching; and an entirely new Place Browser. See the DMDE What’s New page for full details.

20 June 2007
The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition has been upgraded in two areas. Names of authors and recipients on the search page have been regularized, and repository symbols in the edition have been updated to conform to the current MARC standards. Please see the PGWDE News page for full details.
19 June 2007
In a plenary session at the 2007 meeting of the Assocation of American University Presses, publishing consultant and guru Joseph Esposito (former president of Merriam-Webster and CEO of Encyclopaedia Britannica) refers to Rotunda as his first choice for the "most innovative" digital project sponsored by a university press.
1 March 2007
Holly Shulman, editor of The Dolley Madison Digital Edition, recently published an article on the History News Network reflecting on her experience creating a born-digital historical edition: “Doing Digital History,” 8 January 2007.
19 February 2007
The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition is released today. It presents in a single online edition the full text of the 52 volumes published by UVa Press through 2005, including annotations and a consolidated index. Updates consisting of new volumes will follow periodically.
1 February 2007
Updates on New Releases: The Papers of George Washington Digital Edition is in beta and scheduled for release on President’s Day, 19 February 2007. A new group of letters is scheduled for addition to the Dolley Madison Digital Edition in spring 2007.
24 July 2006
The Rotunda logo created by the Ventress Design Group has been recognized in the 2006 edition of Global Corporate Identity edited by David E. Carter, an annual volume that “showcases the past year’s best corporate designs in the categories of logos, letterheads, package design, complete identity programs, corporate identity manuals, signage & environmental graphics, and corporate brochures.”
24 July 2006
Holly Shulman, editor of the Dolley Madison Digital Edition, was the June 2006 recipient of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for completion of the DMDE and the launch of Women of the Founding Era.
7 July 2006
We have added a digital version of the first British edition of Typee to John Bryant’s Herman Melville’s Typee: A Fluid-Text Edition. This version includes a complete transcription of the edition along with digital images of each page, plus the book covers and spine. To the best of our knowledge this is the first complete online version of this important edition of the novel.
8 May 2006
Rotunda has a new production server hosting, a dual-processor Dell 3.8GHz machine running Red Hat Linux. This should make searching and retrieval of our publications much speedier. Although we have spent time checking over all the publications, it is possible that the move to a new server has introduced a glitch or two; please contact us to report any bugs you encounter.
4 April 2006
The index to The Letters of Matthew Arnold has been updated so that page references to the introduction from volume 1 of the print edition are now active hyperlinks to the start of the “page” in the digital edition.
15 March 2006
We’ve added an RSS feed (see icon at bottom of page, or in your browser address bar). Subscribe to be updated on new publications and additions to existing ones.
8 March 2006
Rotunda releases five publications in our new Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture Collection. Our pages have been redesigned to offer purchasers an entrance page that can be bookmarked for ready access to publications, and there is a new top-level search for the 19th-Century Collection.
– We have a new production server on order for Rotunda. Searches and retrieval times will be impressively faster once it’s up and running, we hope.