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CARAF Proposal Outline

1.  Content of the work proposed for translation

2.  Literary and cultural significance of the work

3.  Publication history of the work

4.  Biography of the author

5.  Literary history of the author (include prizes received, other translations, etc.)

6.  Anticipated market for the translation

7.  Sample translation (including a copy of the original French publication or at least a photocopy of the equivalent excerpt being translated from the French)

8.  Estimated length of the finished translation [It is important that this count be done as accurately as possible for purposes of specifying the word count in an eventual contract and for estimating the number of printed pages for the book.  Suggested procedure: (1) Count the exact number of words on two full pages of the original; (2) count the exact number of words in the translation of that passage; (3) calculate the number of FULL pages of text, not blank pages, and convert partial pages to an equivalent number of full pages; (4) multiply the number of words per page of the original text by the number of pages to get the number of words in the original text; (5) multiply the estimated number of translated words for the equivalent of one page of the original text by the number of pages in the original text to get the estimated number of words for the entire translation.]

9.  Estimated completion date for the finished translation

10. C.V.s for both the translator and the person introducing (or writing the afterword to) the English edition

11. Copies of available reviews of the French text with an English translation of significant excerpts from reviews in any language other than English

12. Contact information for the French publisher, and specifically for the Foreign Rights Manager (if possible) 


Updated Spring 2011