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Desk Copy or Exam Copy Request

A desk copy may be requested if a book has been adopted and an order has been placed or will be forthcoming. To receive a desk copy, please fill out an online form here, or if you prefer, print out and complete the Desk Copy Request Form. Examination copies of most of our books are available to course instructors for a prepaid fee of $6.00 including shipping (see below). To receive an examination copy, please print out and complete the Examination Copy Request Form. If a paperback copy is not available, a hardback edition may be shipped to you. We ask that you provide a valid Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date. With your shipment you will receive an invoice with a 20% discount, plus postage. You have 60 days to notify us if you wish to adopt the book; you may notify us using the acceptance card included in your shipment. If you decide not to adopt, you may return the book or keep it and pay the invoice. If we receive no instructions after 60 days, we will charge the amount on the invoice to your credit card.

Classroom and Academic Permissions Requests

If you are requesting permission to photocopy or scan material for classroom use or place material on e-reserves, please contact: Copyright Clearance Center 222 Rosewood Drive Danver, MA 01923 Fax: (978) 646-8600 Email: If the Copyright Clearance Center cannot grant permission, you may request permission directly from our Permissions Manager (use contact information listed below). Please include:

  • Name of the author(s)/editor(s) and title of the book in which the requested material was originally published, together with the inclusive page numbers you wish to reproduce (give the actual page numbers, e.g. pp. 24-48).
  • Name of school and faculty member requesting material, together with the course name and number.
  • Approximate number of copies needed; for electronic use, approximate number of students enrolled in the class.