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MS Checklist

To the Author or Volume Editor:

Please complete this manuscript checklist and return it to the Press when you send us the requested copy of your final manuscript. Your manuscript can be processed only if 1) all of the stipulations on the Manuscript Format sheet and the Guide to Manuscript Preparation are followed and 2) the manuscript is complete as noted in the checklist.

Mark each item as present or cross out an item if it will not be present in this manuscript.


One copy of complete unbound manuscript on standard white, 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper, printed on a high-quality printer from the final electronic files

Everything (title page, table of contents, block quotes, notes, bibliography) double-spaced

Everything in 12-point Courier New or Courier

No italics (use underlining instead); no boldface or all caps

1-inch margins all around (block quotations indented an additional 1/2 inch)

Text is left-justified (unjustified right margin)

Consecutive pagination rather than by chapter (this includes multiauthor volumes), page numbers in upper right corner


Note: Items should be arranged in the following sequence.

Front Matter (hand-number all pages consecutively):

Title page



Table of contents

List of illustrations (without credit lines)



Ackowledgments (if not part of preface)

Introduction (if not part of text)

List of text abbreviations

Notes on translation

Editorial method

Text (start with page 1 and number consecutively to the end of the MS using word-processing page-numbering feature):

Text [no. of words (including introduction if not part of the front matter) _________; no. of pages _______]

Back Matter (continue pagination):

Appendices (no. of pages _______)

Notes grouped at the back (no. of pages _______)

Glossary (no. of pages _______)

Bibliography (no. of pages _______)

List of contributors (for multiauthor volumes only)

Tables (hand-number pages consecutively) (no. of tables ______)
Note: All tables must be keyed in the text, and marginal call outs are required.

Captions, including any necessary credit lines for acknowledging permission (hand-number pages consecutively) (no. of captions for all illustrations ______)


Note: 1) No page numbers.
2) All illustrations must be numbered for identification.
3) Illustrations should be keyed to the text, using angle-bracketed call outs.

Original art (total number ______)

Two sets of photocopies/printouts of all illustrations (number on front)

Art Log


Photocopies of necessary permissions for quoted matter in text, including for electronic use (no. of permissions)

Photocopies of necessary permissions for illustrations, including for electronic use (no. of permissions)

Contributor agreements (for multiauthor volumes only)

Permissions Log

Computer Disks

Labeled computer disks with all manuscript text files

List of manuscript disk files

Labeled computer disk with graphics files

List of graphics disk files