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Order of MS Elements

Elements in most MSS must follow the order given below. Of course, not all MSS contain all elements, and some variation may be necessary for particular MSS. However, unless your acquisitions editor or the managing editor advises you otherwise, retain the following order of elements when assembling and printing your final MS. Refer also to the final points section in the chapter on mechanical preparation of the MS.

Front matter (hand-number all pages consecutively)

title page (required)
dedication or epigraph
table of contents (required)
list of illustrations
note on the translation
introduction (if not part of the text)
editorial method
list of (text) abbreviations
Text (start with page 1 and number consecutively to the end of the MS using word-processing page-numbering feature; no two pages should have the same page number)

introduction (if not part of the front matter)
text chapters
Back matter (continue pagination)

list of contributors (for multiauthor volumes only)
Tables and illustrations captions (continue pagination)

tables (hand-number pages)
captions (hand-number pages)
Artwork (no page numbers)

original artwork (line art and photographs)
two sets of photocopies