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Outline for a Book Proposal

1. Narrative description (2–4 typescript pages) of the proposed book’s content and scope.

2. An argument for the book’s importance, as a rationale for publishing by the University of Virginia Press. (Why is this book needed? What will it contribute? How does it compare with extant literature on the subject? Whom do you foresee as the likely audience[s]?)

3. An annotated, chapter-by-chapter outline (tentative, of course) of the book, including estimates for numbers of text pages and pages of illustrations. Please include all front- and back-matter apparatus, e.g., appendices, notes, bibliography, glossaries, etc.

4. Estimate of number and type of proposed illustrations (e.g., black-and-white photographs, line drawings, color images, maps).

5. Detailed description of sources, primary and secondary, to be consulted and how those sources will be used (including method and annotation).

6. A schedule for completion of research and writing. If your schedule depends on as-yet-unresolved contingencies (e.g., monetary advance, grant funds, academic leave, etc.), please give schedules based on best- and worst-case scenarios.

7. Sample section(s) or chapter(s) from the proposed work (if available), and/or samples of other recently published writing.

8. An up-to-date copy of your curriculum vitae.