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In seeking a publisher for your scholarly research, the most important consideration is finding a good fit. The reputation and strengths of publishers vary, and the most advantageous approach is to find a publisher that has proven success in publishing books similar to yours in subject, period, region, and readership. Virginia has a reputation for publishing quality scholarship in American history and government, eighteenth-century and Victorian literature, Afro-Caribbean studies, cultural religion, architectural and environmental history, and trade books of regional interest. We strongly encourage you to peruse our website or catalog to gauge whether your book would be a good fit for our publishing program. If so, please query the appropriate acquisitions editor.

The University of Virginia's specific guidelines for preparing proposals and manuscripts are all available on this Author's page. But you may have more general questions about publishing with a university press--such as standard timelines for publishing, explanations of copyright and contracts, and expectations regarding the marketing of your book. You are invited to bring such questions to one of our acquiring editors, but the Association of University Presses' new website  Ask UP provides answers to such frequently asked questions, helping new authors navigate the world of publishing with university presses. 

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