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Purchasing Rotunda Publications

If you are connecting via a campus Internet connection, you can expect to gain access to any Rotunda publication purchased by your institution. If your institution has not purchased a particular Rotunda publication, contact your institution’s library about ordering. You may also sign up for an individual free trial to evaluate Rotunda before making a purchase decision.

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How to Order

Rotunda publications are available for purchase by libraries, schools, and individuals. To order, send the signed Rotunda license agreement and completed registration form to Jason Coleman, University of Virginia Press, Rotunda, P.O. Box 400318, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4318.

Access will begin upon receipt of payment, in addition to a completed license agreement and the specific IP address access information. We accept payment by purchase order, check, VISA, or MasterCard.


(Please contact us for information on pricing for consortia and public libraries, details on annual maintenance fees, or any other questions about purchasing.)

SAH Archipedia
Beginning July 2019, SAH Archipedia is now open access

(See below for explanation of pricing tiers)

American History Collection
American Founding Era
Adams Papers$3,498$2,624$1,819$1,084$700$350
Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution$3,002$2,251$1,561$931$600$300
Documentary History of the First Federal Congress$4,745$3,558$2,467$1,470$940$475
Hamilton Papers$4,528$3,396$2,354$1,404$906$453
Jay Papers$867$650$450$269$173$87
Jefferson Papers$6,816$5,112$3,544$2,113$1,363$682
Dolley Madison Digital Edition$895$670$395$345$295$195
James Madison Papers$4,552$3,414$2,367$1,411$910$455
John Marshall Papers$1,577$1,183$820$489$315$158
Gouverneur Morris Diaries$679$510$353$210$136$68
People of the Founding Era$3,100$2,325$1,612$961$620$310
Pinckney–Horry PapersIncluded with purchase of the Pinckney Statesmen Papers (below)
Pinckney Statesmen Papers$1,300$975$676$403$260$130
Washington Papers$8,301$6,226$4,316$2,573$1,660$830
Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction
Grant Papers$4,200$3,150$2,184$1,302$840$420
Andrew Jackson Papers$1,329$997$691$412$266$133
Andrew Johnson Papers$2,866$2,150$1,490$889$573$286
Correspondence of James K. Polk $2,304 $1,728 $1,198 $715 $460 $230
Webster Papers$2,460$1,845$1,280$762$492$260
American Century
Presidential Recordings Digital Edition$3,697$2,773$1,922$1,146$739$370
Woodrow Wilson Papers$10,500$7,875$5,460$3,255$2,100$1,050

Pricing tiers for the American History Collection are based on Carnegie classifications:

Tier 6:Research Universities (very high research activity)
Tier 5:Research Universities (high research activity); Doctoral/Research Universities; Master’s L institutions (large programs)
Tier 4:Master’s M and Master’s S universities and colleges (medium and small programs); Special Focus institutions – Schools of Law; Baccalaureate – Arts & Sciences colleges
Tier 3:Baccalaureate General colleges; Baccalaureate/Associates institutions; Research institutions with 50 or more FTE (full-time employees)
Tier 2:Associates institutions; Special Focus institutions
Tier 1:High schools; unaffiliated individuals; Research institutions < 50 FTE

Discounts: Customers acquiring two or more titles in the American Founding Era collection will receive a discount of 10 percent on total purchase price. Customers acquiring the complete collection will receive a discount of 20 percent. Additional discounts are available for customers who have purchased the print edition corresponding to a title.

Literature and Culture Collection
The Letters of Matthew Arnold$840$520$420
Clotel, by William Wells Brown$545$375$275
Emily Dickinson’s Correspondences$295$221$148
The Digital Temple: George Herbert’s Verse$695$430$347 / 138*
Herman Melville’s Typee$545$375$275
The Letters of Christina Rossetti$560$325$270
Journal of Emily ShoreOPEN ACCESS as of April 2021
*$347 for institutions, $138 for individual (password-access) Digital Temple purchasers


Pricing tiers:

Tier3: Doctoral research institutions, ARL-member public libraries
Tier 2: Master’s I and II institutions, Baccalaureate, and Bac/Assoc institutions
Tier 1: Associates institutions, high schools, individuals

Discounts: Customers acquiring two or more titles in the 19th Century Literature and Culture collection will receive a discount of 10 percent on total purchase price. Customers acquiring the complete collection will receive a discount of 20 percent.
Special discounts may be available for individuals purchasing one or more titles; please ask.

Maintenance Fees

Each Rotunda publication carries with it an annual maintenance fee. This fee covers all technical and content updates and installments. If an institution purchases future Rotunda products, the fee will decrease on a per-product basis.

Customer Services

You may view MARC records for all publications or usage statistics for those publications to which your institution has access on the Rotunda Customers’ Page.