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Information for Current Rotunda Customers

This page contains information for use by purchasers of Rotunda publications.

Usage Statistics

Current institutional users can view statistics for their usage of Rotunda publications by following the links below. Reports for 2008 and early 2009 were generated by a general-purpose Web log analyzer, AWStats, for connections from your institution (based on the IP address ranges you supplied to us when you became a customer). In February 2009, we began logging Rotunda connections using custom hooks within our publication program code. The resulting logs allow us to generate much more granular reports that show the number of page views for each separate publication, even for the Founding Era platform which delivers various publications from a single code base. AWStats logs were discontinued after March 2009.

View usage stats:

MARC Records

MARC records are currently available for these publications (binary .MRC file format for download):

SAH Archipedia

American History Collection

Literature and Culture

Rotunda thanks the staff of the University of Virginia Library Cataloging Services Department for the creation of these records.