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FRED D. (FREDERICK DOUGLAS) ALEXANDER (1910-1980) PAPERS, 1908, 1931-1989. 112,500 items, including 195 photographs (62.50 ft.)

Public papers of a Charlotte, North Carolina, politician and civil rights leader. Primarily material created and received by Alexander as the first African-American member of the Charlotte City Council in the 20th century (1965-1974) and as an North Carolina state senator (1975-1980). Includes minutes and other papers relating to council and senate activities; material on campaigns and voter registration drives; files on the local, state, and national democratic parties; correspondence; speeches; clippings; photographs; and some personal and business material. Also includes extensive files of the numerous organizations and businesses in which Alexander was active, e.g.: Charlotte Area Fund, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee, Governor's Committee on Law and Order, Johnson C. Smith University, Mecklenburg County Board of Public Welfare, Mint Museum, Model Neighborhood Commission, NAACP, Charlotte-Mecklenburg and North Carolina councils on human relations, NC Good Neighbor Council, North Carolina Human Relations Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Act Advisory Council, People's Hospital, Southern Regional Council, C. D. Spangler Construction Co., United Community Services, and Wachovia Bank & Trust Co. Photographs include views of Double Oaks and Newland apartment complexes, which Alexander managed; a 1954 Shriners parade; and the funeral (1955) of his father, Zechariah Alexander.

KELLY M. (KELLY MILLER) ALEXANDER (1915-1985), ca. 1948-1985. ca. 72,000 items (40 ft.)

Papers relating to his presidency of the Charlotte and North Carolina branches of the NAACP and to his membership on and chairmanship of the national board of directors. Includes minutes, correspondence, reports, speeches, programs, news releases, membership records, documentation on court cases brought by the organization, and material on voter education projects. Also includes material on the 1965 bombing of his home, the Charlotte Area Fund, health care, school desegregation, and housing.

AMERICAN NEW LEFT COLLECTION, 1960-1975. 325 items (2 ft.)

Pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, and other printed items published by various radical groups based largely in the Midwest, especially Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Material addresses such issues as the Vietnam War; U.S. political involvement in Latin America and other regions; civil rights, racism, and black power; socialism and communism and their relevance to the United States; economics and labor; and women's liberation.

STANFORD R. (STANFORD RAYNOLD) BROOKSHIRE (1905-1990) PAPERS, 1960-1972. 15,300 items (9.25 ft)

Chiefly official papers of Charlotte's first four-term mayor (1961-1969). Comprised of subject files, correspondence, and speeches documenting almost a decade of change, particularly in regard to desegregation, and reflecting the increasing role of the federal government in addressing urban problems. Also includes material relating to national municipal organizations and to his family and personal life. (See also Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee)

CARVER COLLEGE RECORDS, 1957-1963. 23 items

Materials relating to Carver College, which was operated by the Charlotte City School Board (1949-1958) and the Charlotte Community College System (1958-1963) as the black counterpart of predominately white Charlotte College. Contains catalogs, annual reports, curriculum proposals, planning documents, and building plans. Renamed Mecklenburg College, the school merged with the Industrial Education Center in 1963 to form Central Piedmont Community College. (See also University Archives)

JULIUS L. (JULIUS LEVONNE) CHAMBERS (1936-) PAPERS, (1967-1975). 7,650 items (12.75 ft.)

Files of a Charlotte attorney and his firm, Chambers, Stein, Ferguson, and Lanning, relating to their representation of the plaintiffs in the landmark case, Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education , that established busing as a constitutional method for desegregating schools. Includes pleadings prepared by Chambers and by attorneys for the Board of Education at the district, circuit, and supreme court levels; court rulings and opinions; research materials; statistics; desegregation plans prepared by the board and court consultant John Finger; transcripts of proceedings; and depositions, briefs, and notes. (See also Benjamin S. Horack)


Records of a committee established in 1961 by the mayor of Charlotte to help ease racial tensions and to assist in the gradual desegregation of public facilities. Includes correspondence, minutes, and clippings relating to the committee and its predecessor, the Friendly Relations Committee. Also contains material from state and national groups, including the North Carolina Mayor's Cooperating Committee, North Carolina Good Neighbor Council, National Citizens Committee for Community Relations, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors Committee on Community Relations. (See also Stanford R. Brookshire)

WILLIAM ARTHUR COOPER (1895-1974) PAPERS, 1918-1941. 900 items

Papers of an African-American artist and minister of Charlotte's Clinton Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church during the 1930s. Includes correspondence and clippings, primarily relating to his attempts to gain recognition as an artist and arranging lectures and exhibits; reports on his lecture tours; the manuscript of and material relating to his book A Portrayal of Negro Life (1936); photographs; and financial information on A.M.E. Zion churches in the Charlotte District (1938-1939).

HARVEY B. (HARVEY BERNARD) GANTT (1943-) PAPERS, 1983-1987. 9,000 items (5 ft.)

Comprised exclusively of Gantt's official files as the first African-American mayor of Charlotte (1983-1987). Includes correspondence, reports, and speeches on such topics as the controversy over a site for the new coliseum, Charlotte's bid for an N.B.A. franchise, and traffic congestion. Contains no records documenting his earlier city council tenure, his 1990 U.S. Senate campaign, or his professional career as an architect.

ELMER HENRY GARINGER (1891-1982) PAPERS, 1916-1981. 101 items

Miscellaneous papers of a Charlotte educator and state legislator. Contains correspondence, photographs, awards, an essay describing the development of UNC Charlotte, and material about Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, particularly Central and West Charlotte high schools.

HARRY (HARRY LEWIS) GOLDEN (1903-1981) PAPERS, 1898-1981. ca. 326,400 items, including 568 photographs (181.25 ft.)

Papers of a journalist, best-selling author, and civil libertarian. Consists chiefly of material generated as editor (1944-1968) of the Charlotte-based Carolina Israelite , but also documenting his involvement in the Democratic Party, the civil rights movement, and Jewish issues. Includes extensive correspondence files, manuscripts and research materials for books and articles, speeches, financial records, publications, photographs, and material by and about Carl Sandburg and his family. Significant correspondents are P. D. East, Frank Porter Graham, Paul Green, Hubert H. Humphrey, Herschel V. Johnson, Charles R. Jonas, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, Ralph McGill, Joseph L. Morrison, Boyd Payton, Ronald Reagan, Terry Sanford, W. Kerr Scott, Lillian Smith, Morris Speizman, Adlai Stevenson, and William Targ.

JOSEPH W. (JOSEPH WILLIAMSON) GRIER (1915-) COLLECTION, 1951, 1964, 1975. 100 items

Papers relating to the attempt to integrate city-owned Bonnie Brae Golf Course (1951) and to Richardson Preyer's unsuccessful North Carolina gubernatorial campaign (1964).


Interviews with three African-American women about their lives growing up in Cove City, North Carolina.

REGINALD A. (REGINALD ARMISTICE) HAWKINS (1923-) PAPERS, 1954-1986. 1,800 items (2 ft.)

Papers of a Charlotte dentist, minister, and civil rights activist, who was the first African American to run for governor of North Carolina. Consists chiefly of clippings and correspondence documenting his involvement in the desegregation of schools, public accommodations, hospitals, the North Carolina Dental Society, and the Shrine Bowl. Also includes information on voter registration projects, gubernatorial campaign files (1968 and 1972), material concerning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a dissertation about Hawkins by Dr. Gregory Davis.

BENJAMIN S. (BENJAMIN SHAMBAUGH) HORACK (1917-) PAPERS, 1952, 1968-1971. 760 items, including 58 vols. (4 ft.)

Papers of a Charlotte attorney relating to his defense of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education in the landmark case, Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education , the case in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that busing to achieve racial integration of public schools is constitutional. Consists primarily of legal documentation of proceedings and briefs prepared by defendants and plaintiffs for presentation to the U.S. District Court for Western North Carolina, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Also includes maps of proposed attendance zones, notes and correspondence, data on pupil placement plans and school transportation costs, clippings, and material relating to previous desegregation cases and to satellite suits, especially involving the North Carolina antibusing statute. (See also Julius L. Chambers)

MARY NORTON KRATT PAPERS, 1949-1985. 175 items

Items created and collected by a Charlotte historian and author. Includes manuscripts and other material relating to Kratt's published writings; routine business records (1949-1971) of the Charlotte Post , a weekly African-American newspaper; and material concerning historic preservation, the Rev. Carlyle Marney (1916-1978), and the Charlotte Transit Mall.

C. A. (COLBERT AUGUSTUS) MCKNIGHT (1916-1986) PAPERS, 1929-1987. 9,900 items (5.50 ft.)

Papers of an editor of the Charlotte News (1949-1954) and the Charlotte Observer (1955-1976). Consists primarily of material relating to his service as editor of the Observer and as president and project director for the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Also includes material about his association with the Southern Education Reporting Service, family correspondence, speeches, and photographs.

NORTH CAROLINA FUND RECORDS, 1963-1968. 53 items

Selected records of an antipoverty demonstration project. Includes grant proposals, annual reports, studies of housing and community development problems, and speeches and articles by George Esser, the executive director. Also includes information on specific projects in Mecklenburg, Iredell, Rowan, Stanly, and Union Counties.


Papers of the chair of the Citizens Advisory Group, formed in 1973 to develop pupil assignment guidelines for desegregating Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. Includes clippings, correspondence, findings and recommendations, reports, worksheets, and the group's plan for pupil assignment.

T. J. (THOMAS JAMES) REDDY (1945-) PAPERS, 1967-1985. 5,400 items (3 ft.)

Papers of a Charlotte artist, poet, civil rights activist, and UNC Charlotte alumnus, highlighting his role as one of the Charlotte Three and his interest in the civil rights movement. Consists primarily of correspondence, legal documents, and other material concerning his controversial arrest, trial and conviction for arson; subsequent legal proceedings; and the activities of the North Carolina Political Prisoners' Committee. Also includes files on the Wilmington 10, the North Carolina Prisoners' Labor Union, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice, and periodicals and monographs published by left-wing and civil rights groups.

ADDISON H. (ADDISON HARDCASTLE) REESE (1908-1977) PAPERS, 1951-1976. 3,600 items (2 ft.)

Papers of a key supporter of UNC Charlotte, relating to his membership on the boards of Charlotte College and UNCI, the UNC system, and other state-wide groups concerned with higher education. Includes material concerning the case of Wynn v. Charlotte Community College System involving the construction of separate predominately white and predominately black campuses (1958-1961); the East Carolina Medical School controversy (1970-1974); and the restructuring of higher education in North Carolina (1971-1972). Contains very little material concerning his chairmanship of North Carolina National Bank (now NationsBank).

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