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The University of Virginia Press publishes over seventy books a year across the humanities and social sciences. With special concentrations in American history, African American studies, literature, ecocriticism, architecture, and regional books, UVA Press is committed to rigorous scholarship, beautiful design, and diverse intellectual inquiry. Our digital imprint, ROTUNDA, publishes original digital scholarship and newly digitized critical and documentary editions in history, architecture, literature, and culture.

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Nadine Zimmerli   -  Editor, History and Social Sciences

I acquire books in history and the social sciences, with a special focus on American history and politics across five centuries. I also oversee series on Early Modern German and on Southern African history and my portfolio includes academic and trade books on the history and culture of Virginia. As a transnational historian by training, I am excited about manuscripts that put historical developments in broad temporal and geographic contexts and particularly welcome examinations of Americans’ experiences and legacies abroad.

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