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Art and Architecture

Birds of a Feather

Wildfowl Carving in Southeast Louisiana The Historic New Orleans Collection

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Building After Katrina

Visions for the Gulf Coast Betsy Roettger, ed.

After the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the fall of 2005, entire towns, neighborhoods, and ecologies were destroyed. What remains is a complex web of social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues that demand new strategies for inhabiting this land. During the spring... More

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture

The First Forty Years (1966-2005) UVA - School of Architecture. Edited by Jayne Riew, Lydia Mattice Brandt, and Karen Van Lengen. With an introduction by Garry Wills

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Architecture is one of the most prestigious honors awarded in the discipline of architecture and its related fields, arising from the unique environment afforded by Jefferson’s design for the University of Virginia. Since 1966, the medal has recognized the... More

Buildings of Pittsburgh

Franklin Toker

At the forefront of national and international change, Pittsburgh has long been portrayed as a place for innovative architecture. From its origins as a fort built in 1753 at the urging of a twenty-one-year-old George Washington, through its industrial boom, and into contemporary times, when it has... More

The Last Undiscovered Place

David K. Leff

With warmth and a keen eye for the nuances of history and place, David K. Leff offers this affectionate, insightful portrait of his adopted home of Collinsville, Connecticut, a village that looked perfectly ordinary until he fell prey to its rhythms and charm. The town taught him a new way of... More

Modern and Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

John B. Ravenal

Containing 114 reproductions of works ranging from Jackson Pollock’s dynamic 1948 drip painting to Kehinde Wiley’s 2006 hip-hop-meets-Old-Master portrait, Modern and Contemporary Art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a handsome collection that offers art enthusiasts a chance to recall old... More

Selections from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Anne Barriault

Including an updated introduction to VMFA’s history as well as full-color reproductions of art from the permanent collection, this newly designed, revised, and expanded edition of Selections from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts features more 148 highlights selected by the museum’s curators and... More

Vaudechamp in New Orleans

William Keyse Rudolph

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Country Pursuits

British, American, and French Sporting Art from the Mellon Collections in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Malcolm Cormack

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has long been renowned for its fine collection of sporting art. Owing to Paul Mellon’s interest in this genre, the VMFA’s collection comprises not only British but also American and French works. With Country Pursuits: Sporting Art from the Mellon Collections in the... More

East 40 Degrees

An Interpretive Atlas Jack Williams

The Appalachian mountain chain once contained the highest and most dramatic mountains on earth. Worn down over time, these mountains still hold some of the most diverse climactic zones and singular geological formations in existence. In East 40 Degrees: An Interpretive Atlas, Jack Williams examines... More

Southern Built

American Architecture, Regional Practice Catherine W. Bishir

A leader in the fields of both regional architectural history and historic preservation, Catherine Bishir has collected essays covering three decades into one volume. Just as the subjects of her studies are at once regional and national, the essays included here seek to think globally while... More

Tigers and Sails and ABC Tales

Malcolm Cormack

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David Finley

Quiet Force for America's Arts David A. Doheny

Throughout his long and remarkable lifetime, David E. Finley (1890-1977) made brilliant contributions to the cultural life of this country. Yet less than thirty years after his death, his name is barely known. In David Finley: Quiet Force for America’s Arts, biographer David Doheny revitalizes... More

Re-creating the American Past

Essays on the Colonial Revival Richard Guy Wilson and Shaun Eyring, eds.

Although individually and collectively Americans have many histories, the dominant view of our national past focuses on the colonial era. The reasons for this are many and complex, touching on stories of the country's origins and of the founding fathers, the privileged position in history granted... More

Great Road Style

The Decorative Arts Legacy of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee Betsy White

Linked historically, culturally, and geographically, the counties that make up southwestern Virginia and northeastern Tennessee are also connected by a shared decorative arts tradition. "Great Road Style," so called because of the region’s historical importance as a stage route connecting the... More

Lincoln Perry's Charlottesville

Paintings by Lincoln Perry with an essay and interview by Ann Beattie

Lincoln Perry is justly celebrated for his murals and edgy narrative figure paintings, with their saturated palette and multifaceted architectural compositions—Poussin refracted through de Chirico. This beautiful new book showcases his images of Charlottesville, Virginia—many of them multipanel... More

Exquisite History

The Land of Wandering The Printmakers Left

The first of a three-volume project titled Exquisite History, The Land of Wandering offers a combination of art and poetry centered around desire, nostalgia, and the restless spirit that leads us to wander. Created by the Printmakers Left, a group of artists and poets working collaboratively out of... More

The Arts of India

Joseph M. Dye III

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Trojan Goat

A Self-Sufficient House John D. Quale. Distributed for the University of Virginia School of Architecture

The first volume in the Urgent Matters series, Trojan Goat: A Self-Sufficient House traces the design and construction of the University of Virginia’s whimsically named, award-winning entry in the 2002 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. John D. Quale, the architectural advisor and... More

James MacNeill Whistler

Uneasy Pieces David Park Curry

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Imagining Eden

Connecting Landscapes Lyle Gomes

"Because Eden’s genius resides in imagination, it is a mobile spirit; always found in place but never confined by place. The spirit of Eden migrates within us, animated through our imaginative responses to actual places in the material world, in our roles as gardeners and poets, painters and... More

American Art at the Chrysler Museum

Selected Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Martha N. Hagood and Jefferson C. Harrison

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Capturing Beauty

American Impressionist and Realist Paintings from the McGlothlin Collection David Park Curry

Drawn entirely from the collection of James W. and Frances G. McGlothlin of Austin, Texas—one of the largest holdings of late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century American paintings still in private hands— Capturing Beauty showcases thirty Impressionist and Realist oils, watercolors, and pastels... More

Lots of Parking

Land Use in a Car Culture John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle

When the automobile was first introduced, few Americans predicted its fundamental impact, not only on how people would travel, but on the American landscape itself. Instead of reducing the amount of wheeled transport on public roads, the advent of mass-produced cars caused congestion, at the curb... More

Portraits in the Massachusetts Historical Society

Andrew Oliver

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