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Art and Architecture

The Courthouses of Early Virginia

An Architectural History Carl R. Lounsbury

Court day in early Virginia transformed crossroads towns into forums for citizens of all social classes to transact a variety of business, from legal cases heard before the county magistrates to horse races, ballgames, and the sale and barter of produce, clothing, food, and drink. As marketplace,... More

English Silver

Joseph Bliss

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Anne Barriault

Spanning more than five thousand years and representing a significant array of world cultures, this extensively updated, beautifully reproduced volume showcases masterworks of ancient Mediterranean and American art; Asian, African, and European paintings, as well as Byzantine and Western Medieval... More


The Social Use and Meaning of the Folk Dwelling in Southwestern North Carolina Michael Ann Williams

Challenging many of the methods and preconceptions of conventional folk-architecture studies, Homeplace examines traditional houses in the mountains of Appalachia from the perspective offered by oral histories. Michael Ann Williams bases much of her study on interviews with some of the people most... More

George L. Viavant

Artist of the Hunt George E. Jordan

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Siting Jefferson

Contemporary Artists Interpret Thomas Jefferson's Legacy Jill Hartz

In the summer of 2000, the University of Virginia Art Museum mounted an unusual site-specific exhibition called "Hindsight/Fore-site: Art for the New Millennium," for which twenty-four artists created artworks inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s legacy. Artists included Agnes Denes, Ann Hamilton, Martha... More

Charting Louisiana

Five Hundred Years of Maps Edited by Alfred E. Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese

New Orleans thrived under Spanish rule (1762–1803), linked through trade and empire to the nerve centers of the circum-Caribbean. Curator Alfred E. Lemmon’s introduction in this bilingual volume explores the far-reaching ways in which the Spanish influence is evident in the city to this day, in... More

Josephine Crawford

An Artist’s Vision Louise C. Hoffman

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The Woman behind the Lens

The Life and Work of Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1864–1952 Bettina Berch

Try to picture Mark Twain, or Uncle Remus, or even Theodore Roosevelt. More than likely, you have a Frances Benjamin Johnston image in your mind. Johnston was a significant—and arresting—figure in early twentieth-century photography. Beautifully illustrated with forty examples of her work, this... More

An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape

Carl R. Lounsbury, ed.

Covering the full range of building in the South from 1607 to the 1820s, An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape is now available for the first time in paperback. This unique and exhaustive compilation traces the origin and development of an American architectural... More

Jazz Scrapbook

Bill Russell and Some Highly Musical Friends The Historic New Orleans Collection

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Keeping Score

Music, Disciplinarity, Culture David Schwarz, Anahid Kassabian, et al., eds.

Keeping Score is a diverse collection of essays that argues for and demonstrates the current effort to redefine the methods, goals, and scope of musical scholarship. This volume gives voice to new directions in music studies, including traditional and "new" musicology, music and psychoanalysis,... More


Carol Burch-Brown and David Rigsbee

In an evocative blending of words and images, painter-photographer Carol Burch-Brown and poet David Rigsbee offer a depiction of trailers and their inhabitants. The understated imagery of Burch-Brown's 48 photos implies rather than proclaims the living conditions of these mobile-home dwellers,... More

Rockbridge County Artists and Artisans

Barbara Crawford

In Rockbridge County Artists & Artisans, Barbara Crawford and Royster Lyle, Jr., trace the development of many artisans' activities in Rockbridge County - in fine arts, textiles, furniture, tall clocks, rifles, ironwork, and pottery - from 1750 through the post Civil War years. Some of the... More

Historic Preservation

Curatorial Management of the Built World James Marston Fitch

This book outlines a complete programme for the restoration and preservation of historic structures and historic sites throughout the world. It is a basic text for both the novice entering the field and the specialist. Dr Fitch covers the many disciplines, concepts and technologies needed by the... More

Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 1718-1918

Florence M. Jumonville

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Crescent City Silver

The Historic New Orleans Collection

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