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Caribbean and African Studies

The Festival of the Greasy Pole

Rene Depestre

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Lyric and Dramatic Poetry, 1946-82

Aime Cesaire. Translated by Clayton Eshleman and Annette Smith, Introduction by A. James Arnold

Aime Cesaire has been described by the Times Literary Supplement as likely to "figure alongside the Eliot-Pound-Yeats triumvirate that has dominated official poetic culture for more than fifty years." He was a cofounder and exponent of the concept of negritude and is a major spiritual, political,... More

Lone Sun

Daniel Maximin

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Tropical Circle

Alioum Fantour. Translated by Dorothy S. Blair. Introduction by Aliko Songolo

This novel, winner of the coveted Grand Prix de Littérature d'Afrique Noire, has been seen as a story about the struggles of nation-building in Africa, as a fierce depiction of dictatorships in the Third World, and as a profound meditation on the nature of pwer everywhere.

The Bastards

Bertne Juminer. Translated with critical Introduction by Keith Q Warner

This is a novel of education: social, political, radical, and medical. The protagonist is collective, a group of medical students from French Guiana at the University of Montpellier, France, who learn what separates them as Caribbean people from their French and African counterparts.Juminer... More

The Madman and the Medusa

Tchicaya U Tam'Si. Translated by Sonja Haussmann Smith and William Jay Smith. Introduction by Eric Sellin

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