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History and Political Science

Imagining Miami
Ethnic Politics in a Postmodern World Sheila L. Croucher

Miami has long captured the world's attention in provocative ways. During the 1980s, a series of violent racial disturbances focused national and international attention there as analysts and observers scrambled to explain the demise of the "Magic City." What has emerged is a popular image of Miami... More

The Papers of George Washington
Confederation Series, vol. 5February-December 1787 George Washington. Edited by Dorothy Twohig

The extensive correspondence regarding Shays' Rebellion and widespread alarm over the state of the Union continues in this volume, and there are the usual letters numbering in the hundreds which deal with his more personal concerns: farm and family, slave and tenant, tradesman and artisan. But the... More

The Papers of George Washington
Confederation Series, vol. 6January- September 1788 George Washington. Edited by Dorothy Twohig

Beginning with the decision made early in 1787 to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the summer, Washington's papers in volume 6 of the series reveal him as once again a public figure no longer standing outside and above the fray as he had been seeking to do with some success... More

To Herland and Beyond
The Life and Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman Ann J. Lane

To "Herland" and Beyond is Ann J. Lane's perceptive biography of Charlotte Perkins Gilman, one of America's most important fin-de-siecle feminists. Drawing from an abundance of diaries, letters, essays, and two autobiographies- one published and one unpublished- Lane contends that her subject's... More

Launching the "Extended Republic"
The Federalist Era Ronald Hoffman and Peter J. Albert, eds.

The essays in this volume explore some of the potentially divisive realities that characterized the Federalist Era. Nine distinguished authors address themes that include the ideological assumptions that fueled the political debate, the interrelated chracter of social and political history, the... More

The Inner Jefferson
Andrew Burstein

Thomas Jefferson's personal life has always been a puzzle to biographers. Even his contemporaries found him difficult to know. In Jefferson's correspondence, however, Andrew Burstein has found a key to the inner man. This penetrating and thoughtful portait confronts widespread misunderstandings... More

Women and Public Policies
Reassessing Gender Politics Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley

Women and Public Policies, praised by Janet Boles as "the first attempt to deal with several women's policies in a systematic manner within a common framework," analyzes how the women's movement of the 1970s influenced federal policy. The authors treat four issues- credit, education, pregnancy... More

The American Culture Wars
Current Contests and Future Prospects James L. Nolan, Jr., ed.

Even though the majority of Americans hold moderate views on issues such as abortion, homosexual rights, funding for the arts and public broadcasting, and multicultural education, extremists tend to dominate public debate. James Davidson Hunter explained this polarization of American politics and... More

Fatal Glory
Narciso Lopez and the First Clandestine U.S. War against Cuba Tom Chaffin

Until now, the story of Narciso Lopez's daring invasions of Cuba has remained one of the great lost sagas of American history. Wildly famous during the mid-nineteenth century as the leader of a filibuster, a clandestine army, Lopez led the first armed challenge to Spain's long domination over Cuba... More

Lost Worlds
How Our European Ancestors Coped with Everyday Life and Why Life Is So Hard Today Arthur E. Imhof

Publication of Lost Worlds introduces to English-speaking readers one of the most original and engaging historians in Germany today. Known for his work in historical demography, Arthur E. Imhof here branches out into folklore, religion, anthropology, psychology, and the history of art. Rooted in... More

The Papers of George Washington
Revolutionary War Series, vol. 7October 1776-January 1777 George Washington. Edited by Dorothy Twohig

Volume 7 documents the dramatic events of the New York campaign and the ensuing New Jersey campaign, a seemingly endless string of American reverses and retreats terminated by surprising victories at Trenton and Princeton. The volume opens with Washington's withdrawal of most of his army from... More

Disciplining Old Age
The Formation of Gerontological Knowledge Stephen Katz

In Disciplining Old Age Stephen Katz gives us a sophisticated and theoretically rigorous approach to what gerentology does. He deftly and subtly combines the theories of Foucault, Bourdieu, and the Althusser in his analysis of what he calls the "gerontological web."Katz explores how political and... More

Yankee Correspondence
Civil War Letters between New England Soldiers and the Home Front Nina Silber and Mary Beth Sievens

These letters by New England soldiers and their families, many published for the first time, speak of the hardships of the war, especially frustrations with the army, homefront suffering, and government policies. They are grouped by six major themes: the military experience, the meaning of the war... More

The Papers of James Madison
3 November 1810-4 November 1811 James Madison. Edited by J. C. A. Stagg, Jeanne Kerr Cross, and Susan Holbrook Perdue

Edited by J.C.A. Stagg, Jeanne Kerr Cross, and Susan Holbrook PerdueThis carefully annotated and indexed volume sheds new light on many of the domestic and foreign tensions that were soon to culminate in the War of 1812.The twelve-month period covered in this volume was dominated by foreign policy... More

Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Translated by Carrol F. Coates. Afterword by Carrol F. Coates. Introduction by Christophe Wargny

Dignity is Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's compelling story of his three years of exile, from the coup that deposed him (September 30, 1991) to the U.N. Security Council vote in favor of military intervention (July 31, 1994). He offers an intensely personal journal of events, one that... More

The Market Revolution in America
Social, Political, and Religious Expressions 1800–1880 Edited by Melvyn Stokes and Steven Conway

The last decade has seen a major shift in the way nineteenth-century American history is interpreted, and increasing attention is being paid to the market revolution occurring between 1815 and the Civil War. This collection of twelve essays by preeminent scholars in nineteenth-century history aims... More

The Papers of George Washington
January-June 1790 George Washington. Edited by Dorothy Twohig

Volume 5 covers the first half of 1790 and focuses on Washington's continued concentration on the problems facing the new government. North Carolina had ratified the Constitution in late 1789, and Rhode Island held its ratifying convention in early 1790. Many documents in this volume reflect the... More

The Papers of George Washington
July-November 1790 George Washington. Edited by Dorothy Twohig

During the period covered by volume 6, Washington's attention was devoted to several matters of great national significance. He signed the Residence and Funding Acts, authorizing a permanent new Federal City on the Potomac, establishing the seat of the federal government at Philadelphia until 1800... More

Harry Byrd of Virginia
Ronald L. Heinemann

This is the first full-scale biography of Harry Byrd Sr., one of the most influential politicians of this century. His fascinating career as Virginia governor, U.S. senator, and leader of the Virginia Democratic Party enabled him to touch every important event and meet every significant political... More

Limits of Anarchy
Intervention and State Formation in Chad Sam C. Nolutshungu

The emergence and disintegration of states, often under conditions of appalling violence, is a problem of primary importance in the world. Chad's long experience of civil strife and foreign intervention illustrates some of the fundamental difficulties involved in the attempt to achieve political... More

Mad Princes of Renaissance Germany
H. C. Erik Midelfort

During the sixteenth century close to thirty German dukes, landgraves, and counts, plus one Holy Roman emperor, were known as mad- so mentally disordered that serious steps had to be taken to remove them from office or to obtain medical care for them. This book is the first study these princes, and... More

Understanding the American Revolution
Issues and Actors Jack P. Greene

This volume brings together sixteen essays on the American Revolution by leading historian Jack Greene. Originally published between 1972 and the early nineties, these essays approach the Revolution as an episode in British imperial history rather than as the first step in the creation of an... More

The Papers of William Thornton
Volume 1: 1781-1802 William Thornton. Edited by C. M. Harris

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Flowerdew Hundred
The Archaeology of a Virginia Plantation, 1619–1864 James Deetz

Deetz’s Flowerdew Hundred is a synopsis of the result of twenty-five years of archaeological investigations at Flowerdew Hundred, a former plantation on the south side of the James River in Prince George County, Virginia. Throughout the work, Deetz conveys the importance of combining historiography... More

Evelyn Scott. Afterword by Dorothy M. Scura

In 1913, at the age of nineteen, Elsie Dunn- later to be known as Evelyn Scott- turned her back on the genteel Southern world she was born into and ran off to Brazil with a married Tulane University dean more than twice her age. Living in tropical exile under assumed names, the couple produced a... More