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Literary and Cultural Studies

Leonard and Virginia Woolf as Publishers

The Hogarth Press, 1917–41

John H. Willis

Has any couple in twentieth-century intellectual life so captured and held attention as have Leonard and Virginia Woolf? The have proved endlessly interesting as individuals, partners, writers, modernists, and as the central players in the absorbing drama of Bloomsbury. Yet surprisingly scant... More

Victorian Women Poets

Writing Against the Heart

Angela Leighton

This book recovers and explores an important tradition of nineteenth-century women's poetry from Felicia Hemans to Charlotte Mew. Angela Leighton not only discusses the work of neglected poets such as Augusta Webster and "Michael Field," but also charts the development of women's poetry from... More

Best New Poets 2019

50 Poems from Emerging Writers

Edited by Cate Marvin

Entering its fifteenth year, Best New Poets has established itself as a crucial venue for rising poets and a valuable resource for poetry lovers. The only publication of its kind, this annual anthology is made up exclusively of work by writers who have not yet published a full-length book. The... More

Bibliography of New Orleans Imprints, 1764 - 1864

The Historic New Orleans Collection

[Book description not available]

Journal of Emily Shore

Barbara Timm Gates, ed.

Emily Shore's journal is the unique self-representation of a prodigious young Victorian woman. From July 5, 1831, at the age of eleven, until June 24, 1839, two weeks before her death from consumption, Margaret Emily Shore recorded her reactions to the world around her. She wrote of political... More

Lawrence among the Women

Wavering Boundaries in Women's Literary Traditions

Carol Siegel

[Book description not available]

The Romance of the Harem

Anna Leonowens. Edited with an Introduction by Susan Morgan

[Book description not available]

The Ladder of High Designs

Edited by Doranne Fenoaltea and David Lee Rubin

This collection of essays on the structure and interpretation of the French lyric squence marks a number of tentative signposts for future travlers along this relatively unmarked path. It explores the means of seeing how harmony and greater meaning, concordia discors, arises from the organization... More

Long Black Song

Essays in Black American Literature and Culture

Houston A. Baker, Jr.

Houston Baker maintains that black American culture, grounded in a unique historical experience, is distinct from any other, and that it has produced a body of literature that is equally and demonstrably unique in its sources, values, and modes of expression. He argues that black American... More

Myth and Metaphor

Selected Essays 1974-1988 Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye. Edited by Robert D. Denham

This collection of twenty-four of Northrop Frye's essays, nine of which have never been published and several of which have appeared only in obscure sources, focuses on the fundamental themes that have dominated Frye's career and made him one of the world's most influential critics.

Eric Clapton's Lover and other Stories from the Virginia Quarterly Review

Sheila McMillen and George P. Garrett, eds.

This collection presents some of the best fiction published in the Virginia Quarterly Review- or anywhere- during the past twenty-five years. The stories, written by well-established names as well as recent discoveries, are national, even international, in setting and appeal.Together this... More

James Madison

A Biography

Ralph Ketcham

The best one volume biography of Madison’s life, Ketcham’s biography not only traces Madison’s career, it gives readers a sense of the man. As Madison said of his early years in Virginia under the study of Donald Robertson, who introduced him to thinkers like Montaigne and Montesquieu, "all that I... More

The Providence of Wit

Aspects of Form in Augustan Literature and the Arts

Martin C. Battestin

[Book description not available]

Paradigm and Parody

Images of Creativity in French Romanticism - Vigny, Hugo, Balzac, Gautier, Musset

Henry F. Majewski

[Book description not available]

Pyramid of Bone

Thylias Moss

Although many of Moss’s poems discuss race and gender, these subjects are, explains scholar Langdon Hammer, simply "starting points for her work…her poetry makes such facts of identity seem unfamiliar, their meanings not to be predicted, unavailable to the naked eye." Known for startling metaphors... More

Unmentionable Cuisine

Calvin W. Schwabe

[Book description not available]

The Providence of Wit

Aspects of Form in Augustan Literature and the Arts

Martin C. Battestin

By exploring the relationship between the idea of Nature and the idea of Art in the period from 1660-1760, this study attempts to account for the distinctive quality of the 'Augustan mode' in literature in arts. Before what Pope envisioned as the apocalypse of modernism occurred, artists and... More

The Third Violet and Active Service

Stephen Crane. Introduction by J. C. Levenson

Volume III of The Works of Stephen Crane presents two of Crane's novels, The Third Violet and Active Service.

The Works of Stephen Crane

Poems and Literary Remains

Stephen Crane. Introduction by James B. Colvert

The tenth and last volume of The Works of Stephen Cranecontains all of his known poetry and all of his known independent unfinished manuscripts, including the poetry collections The Black Riders and Other Lines and War is Kind,uncollected poems, and literary remains.

The Red Badge of Courage

Stephen Crane. Introduction by J. C. Levenson

[Book description not available]

The Works of Stephen Crane

Tales, Sketches, and Reports

Stephen Crane. Introduction by Edwin H. Cady

Volume VIII of The Works of Stephen Crane brings togther all of Crane's stories and sketches not printed in Volumes V, VI, and VII, together with all his journalism not printed in Volume IX. This completes the publication of Crane's shorter works, estabished or attributed, that were not left... More

The Works of Stephen Crane

Reports of War

Stephen Crane. Introduction by James B. Colvert

Volume IX of The Works of Stephen Crane brings together all of Crane's known newspaper war dispatches from Greece, Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and England, and to these appends the series "Great Battles of the World" first printed in Lippincot's Magazine and posthumously published in collected book... More

The Works of Stephen Crane

The O'Ruddy

Stephen Crane. Introduction by J. C. Levenson

Volume IV of The Works of Stephen Crane presents the romance The O'Ruddy, the work written by Crane but left unfinished at his death and completed b Robert Barr.

The Works of Stephen Crane

Tales of War

Stephen Crane. Introduction by James B. Colvert

Volume VI of The Works of Stephen Crane brings together all of Crane's published short stories concerned with war, except "Death and the Child" (inlcuded in Volume V of this series). The stories are arranged in chronological order of their collected publication. Contents: The Little Regiment, "An... More

Tales of Whilomville: "The Monster," "His New Mittens," Whilomville Stories

Stephen Crane. Introduction by J. C. Levenson

Stephen Crane's tales of Whilomville range in form from his last great short novel "The Monster" to some of the simplest sketches he ever wrote. But as the stories began to accumulate, Crane saw them as constituting a single group. Volume VII of The Works of Stephen Crane brings together "The... More