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John Clemmer
A Legacy in Art

Over his eight-decade career, John Clemmer (1921–2014) captivated curators, collectors, and casual art lovers alike with his paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures. Clemmer was active in a community of artists—centered on the Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans—whose work came to define...

Clemmer, David, Bonner, Judith H., Bradley, John Ed

The Senate
From White Supremacy to Governmental Gridlock

In this lively analysis, Daniel Wirls examines the Senate in relation to our other institutions of government and the constitutional system as a whole, exposing the role of the "world’s greatest deliberative body" in undermining effective government and maintaining white supremacy in America. As...

Wirls, Daniel

The Philip Roth We Don't Know
Sex, Race, and Autobiography

Let it be said, Philip Roth was never uncontroversial. From his first book, Roth scandalized literary society as he questioned Jewish identity and sexual politics in postwar America. Scrutiny and fierce rebukes of the renowned author, for everything from chauvinism to anti-Semitism, followed him...

Berlinerblau, Jacques

The Tao of Strategy
How Seven Eastern Philosophies Help Solve Twenty-First-Century Business Challenges

The Tao of Strategy combines ancient wisdom from the Eastern world’s great philosophers and lessons from modern-day business leaders to provide readers innovative approaches to unlock strategic breakthroughs for themselves and their organizations. Today’s organizational strategists—including...

Bourgeois, L. J. III, Eygenson, Serge, Namasondhi, Kanokrat

Fighting Political Gridlock
How States Shape Our Nation and Our Lives

In this profoundly polarized era, the nation has been transfixed on the politics of Washington and its seemingly impenetrable gridlock. Many of the decisions that truly affect people’s lives, however, are being made not on the federal level but in the states. Faced with Washington’s political...

Toscano, David J.

Almost Hemingway
The Adventures of Negley Farson, Foreign Correspondent

Would it surprise you to learn that there was a contemporary of Ernest Hemingway’s who, in his romantic questing and hell-or-high-water pursuit of life and his art, was closer to the Hemingwayesque ideal than Hemingway himself? Almost Hemingway relates the life of Negley Farson, adventurer,...

Bowman, Rex, Santos, Carlos

The Road to Charleston
Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution

In The Road to Guilford Courthouse, one of the most acclaimed military histories of the Revolutionary War ever written, John Buchanan explored the first half of the critical Southern Campaign and introduced readers to its brilliant architect, Major General Nathanael Greene. In this long-awaited...

Buchanan, John

High Courts in Global Perspective
Evidence, Methodologies, and Findings

High courts around the world hold a revered place in the legal hierarchy. These courts are the presumed impartial final arbiters as individuals, institutions, and nations resolve their legal differences. But they also buttress and mitigate the influence of other political actors, protect minority...

Garoupa, Nuno, Gill, Rebecca D., Tiede, Lydia B.

Hope without Optimism

In his latest book, Terry Eagleton, one of the most celebrated intellects of our time, considers the least regarded of the virtues. His compelling meditation on hope begins with a firm rejection of the role of optimism in life’s course. Like its close relative, pessimism, it is more a system of...

Eagleton, Terry

Gold and Freedom
The Political Economy of Reconstruction

Historians have long treated Reconstruction primarily as a southern concern isolated from broader national political developments. Yet at its core, Reconstruction was a battle for the legacy of the Civil War that would determine the political fate not only of the South but of the nation. In Gold...

Barreyre, Nicolas

Fake It
Fictions of Forgery

How many layers of artifice can one artwork contain? How does forgery unsettle our notions of originality and creativity? Looking at both the literary and art worlds, Fake It investigates a set of fictional forgeries and hoaxes alongside their real-life inspirations and parallels. Mark Osteen shows...

Osteen, Mark

Slavery by Any Other Name
African Life under Company Rule in Colonial Mozambique

Based on documents from a long-lost and unexplored colonial archive, Slavery by Any Other Name tells the story of how Portugal privatized part of its empire to the Mozambique Company. In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the company governed central Mozambique under a royal charter and...

Allina, Eric

Cultures of Waste in Contemporary Spain

What makes trash trash? How do we decide what to throw away? Driven by these questions and others, Samuel Amago takes us through the streets and alleys of Spain, sorting through recycling bins, libraries, social media, bookstores, and message boards in search of things that have been forgotten,...

Amago, Samuel

Strategies for Survival
Recollections of Bondage in Antebellum Virginia

Strategies for Survival conveys the experience of bondage through former enslaved people's own words. The source of this landmark content is a remarkable series of interviews conducted in Virginia in 1937 by WPA workers. Most of the interviewers were themselves Black; as a result, the subjects...

Dusinberre, William

Violence and Solace
The Natal Civil War in Late-Apartheid South Africa

The Natal Midlands in South Africa was ravaged by conflict in the 1980s and 1990s between supporters of the United Democratic Front and Inkatha. The violence left thousands of people dead, injured, homeless, and emotionally wounded. In Violence and Solace, Mxolisi Mchunu provides a historical study...

Mchunu, Mxolisi R.

Imperial Educación
Race and Republican Motherhood in the Nineteenth-Century Americas

In the long nineteenth century, Argentine and Cuban reformers invited white women from the United States to train teachers as replacements for their countries’ supposedly unfit mothers. Imperial Educación examines representations of mixed-race Afro-descended mothers in literary and educational...

Genova, Thomas

Staging Civilization
A Transnational History of French Theater in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Eighteenth-century France is understood to have been the dominant cultural power on that era’s international scene. Considering the emblematic case of the theater, Rahul Markovits goes beyond the idea of "French Europe" to offer a serious consideration of the intentions and goals of those involved...

Markovits, Rahul

Ireland and America
Empire, Revolution, and Sovereignty

Looking at America through the Irish prism and employing a comparative approach, leading and emerging scholars of early American and Atlantic history interrogate anew the relationship between imperial reform and revolution in Ireland and America, offering fascinating insights into the imperial...

Griffin, Patrick, Cogliano, Francis D.

Washington's Government
Charting the Origins of the Federal Administration

Washington’s Government shows how George Washington’s administration—the subject of remarkably little previous study—was both more dynamic and more uncertain than previously thought. Rather than simply following a blueprint laid out by the Constitution, Washington and his advisors constructed over...

Edling, Max, Kastor, Peter J.

Masked Raiders
Irish Banditry in Southern Africa, 1880–1899

Before the railway system linked South Africa’s major cities in the mid-1890s, the country was largely dependent on a horse-drawn economy. Diamonds from Griqualand West and gold from the Witwatersrand were transported by coach and horses to distant ports for export. For some Irish soldiers based at...

Van Onselen, Charles

Dancing in the Streets
Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs of New Orleans

Every Sunday from late August to Father’s Day, a second line parade snakes through the neighborhoods and backstreets of New Orleans. The parades are hosted by social aid and pleasure clubs (SAPCs), civic organizations that have been fixtures in Black New Orleans since the nineteenth century. Born...

Cooper, Judy, Carrico, Rachel, Evans, Freddi Williams, Jackson, Charles "Action", Sakakeeny, Matt, White, Michael G.

The Papers of James Madison
1 June 1806-31 October 1806

Volume 12 of the Secretary of State Series covers June through October 1806, during which Madison waited in vain for his diplomatic initiatives with Great Britain, Spain, and France to yield results, and received mounting evidence of Aaron Burr’s suspicious activities in the West. Tensions with...

Madison, James, Kreider, Angela, Stagg, J. C. A., Johnson, Mary Parke, Colony, Anne Mandeville, Harbury, Katharine E.

The Elections of 2020

The Elections of 2020 is a timely, comprehensive, scholarly, and engagingly written account of the 2020 elections. It features essays by an all-star team of political scientists in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 general election, chronicling every stage of the presidential race as well as the...

Nelson, Michael

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
Paternalism's Daughter

A celebrated historian and women’s studies scholar, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese roiled both disciplines with her transition from Marxist-inclined feminist to conservative public intellectual. In the first major biography of this singular and controversial scholar, Deborah Symonds explores Fox-Genovese’s...

Symonds, Deborah A.