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American Century Collection

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American Century Collection

The Booker T. Washington Papers

OPEN ACCESS THROUGH AUGUST 15Born into slavery, Booker T. Washington became the leading voice for Black Americans at the turn of the twentieth century. Author, pioneer in higher education, adviser to presidents and business leaders, and a pillar in the emerging Black elite and middle class,... More

The Papers of Woodrow Wilson

Taking office with a Democrat-held House and Senate, Woodrow Wilson embarked on one of the most important chapters in the Progressive movement, approving the Federal Reserve Act, establishing the Fair Trade Commission, and strongly endorsing the Nineteenth Amendment and women’s right to vote.... More

Presidential Recordings Digital Edition

The online edition of The Presidential Recordings includes hundreds of hours of presidential tapes covering the major issues of the LBJ administration, from the War on Poverty to the Civil Rights Movement to the Vietnam War. Each conversation is fully transcribed and annotated, and accompanied by... More