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Treasure in Heaven
Treasure in Heaven

The Holy Poor in Early Christianity

Brown, Peter

The "holy poor" have long maintained an elite status within Christianity. Differing from the "real" poor, these clergymen, teachers, and ascetics have historically been viewed...

The Three Ages of the Italian Renaissance
Lopez, Robert S.

Mr. Lopez reinterprets the civilization of the High Renaissance in Italy as a dramatic succession of three ages: Youth, 1454-1494; Maturity, 1494-1527; Decline, 1527-1559. In...

The Meaning of Independence
The Meaning of Independence

John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson

Morgan, Edmund S.

Americans did not at first cherish the idea of political severance from their mother country. In just a few years, however, they came to desire indepen-dence above all else....

White, Red, and Black

The Seventeenth-Century Virginian

Craven, Wesley Frank

[Book description not available]

The Virtues of Mendacity
The Virtues of Mendacity

On Lying in Politics

Jay, Martin

When Michael Dukakis accused George H. W. Bush of being the "Joe Isuzu of American Politics" during the 1988 presidential campaign, he asserted in a particularly American tenor...

The Witch in the Western Imagination
The Witch in the Western Imagination
Roper, Lyndal

In an exciting new approach to witchcraft studies, The Witch in the Western Imagination examines the visual representation of witches in early modern Europe. With...