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Keep On Keeping On
Keep On Keeping On

The NAACP and the Implementation of Brown v. Board of Education in Virginia

Daugherity, Brian J.

Virginia was a battleground state in the struggle to implement Brown v. Board of Education, with one of the South’s largest and strongest NAACP units fighting against a...

A Little Child Shall Lead Them
A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A Documentary Account of the Struggle for School Desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia

Daugherity, Brian J., Grogan, Brian

In the twentieth-century struggle for racial equality, there was perhaps no setting more fraught and contentious than the public schools of the American south. In Prince Edward...

Segregation's Science
Segregation's Science

Eugenics and Society in Virginia

Dorr, Gregory Michael

Blending social, intellectual, legal, medical, gender, and cultural history, Segregation's Science: Eugenics and Society in Virginia examines how eugenic theory and...