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The Mint Julep
The Mint Julep
Harwell, Richard Barksdale

"It is my pleasure, a pleasurable duty, to recommend that you follow the author's graceful lead and, perhaps with the benefit of one of the diverse receipts to be found in this...

Unmentionable Cuisine
Unmentionable Cuisine
Schwabe, Calvin W.

[Book description not available]

In Pursuit of Flavor
Lewis, Edna

Perhaps no other cook has played such a central role in the renaissance of traditional southern cooking as Edna Lewis. When asked who has influenced them most, chefs from New...

The Imbible

A Cocktail Guide for Beginning and Home Bartenders

LeMon, Micah

Micah LeMon had one slight problem when he started bartending nearly twenty years ago: he had no idea what he was doing. Mixology, he came to understand, is based on principles...