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The Revolutionary Age

Embracing a broad chronology and geography, this series seeks to publish original scholarship on the revolutionary and counterrevolutionary upheavals that transformed the Atlantic world between 1750 and 1850.

Series Editors: Francis D. Cogliano and Patrick Griffin
UVP Editor: Nadine Zimmerli

Navigating Neutrality

Early American Governance in the Turbulent Atlantic Sandra Moats

Navigating Neutrality explores the unexpected role George Washington’s 1793 Neutrality Proclamation played in energizing the U.S. government’s constitutional responsibilities to support and promote America’s commercial and sovereign interests. Designed to avoid warfare as Great Britain and France... More

Ireland and America

Empire, Revolution, and Sovereignty Edited by Patrick Griffin and Francis D. Cogliano

Looking at America through the Irish prism and employing a comparative approach, leading and emerging scholars of early American and Atlantic history interrogate anew the relationship between imperial reform and revolution in Ireland and America, offering fascinating insights into the imperial... More