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Richard E. Myers Lectures

The Richard E. Myers Lecture Series, hosted by University Baptist Church of Charlottesville, Virginia, presents world-class scholars with the opportunity to share their research. Rooted in Anselm’s motto “faith seeking understanding,” each volume represents a unique partnership between the academy and the church.

Series Editor: The Rev. Dr. Matthew Tennant
UVP Editor: Eric Brandt

More Things in Heaven and Earth
Shakespeare, Theology, and the Interplay of Texts Paul S. Fiddes

Shakespeare’s plays are filled with religious references and spiritual concerns. His characters—like Hamlet in this book’s title—speak the language of belief. Theology can enable the modern reader to see more clearly the ways in which Shakespeare draws on the Bible, doctrine, and the religious... More

Making the World Over
Confronting Racism, Misogyny, and Xenophobia in U.S. History R. Marie Griffith

Political polarization and unrest are not exclusive to our era, but in the twenty-first century, we are living with seemingly unresolvable disagreements that threaten to tear our country apart. Discrimination, racism, tyranny, religious fundamentalism, political schisms, misogyny, "fake news,"... More